e- Localisation Click here for details
  • FUEL Project
  • The Kahani Project
  • Hello MP
e-Agriculture and Ecology Click here for details
  • MPSSCA: Seed Certification MIS
  • None
e-Business & Financial Inclusion Click here for details
  • Using Psychometric Credit Scoring to Expand Financial Inclusion
  • bKash Limited
  • BOI NSDC Star Visa Card program
  • India’s FIRST Microfinance Credit Bureau
e-Community Broadcasting Click here for details
  • Brahmaputra Community Radio Station 90.4 FM
  • Yaadon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra
  • None
e-Entertainment & Games Click here for details
  • Shotz7
  • None
e-Culture, Heritage & Tourism Click here for details
  • Endangered Archive 341
  • e-Pothi: Online Cataloguing of Manuscripts of Odisha State Museum
  • Pashto multi-purpose Dictionary
e-Education, Learning & Employment Click here for details
  • e-thaksalawa, The National e-learning portal for General Education
  • – A Scholarship Porta
  • iChemist – Titration Simulator
  • ADB TA7872, Khan Academy Localization Project
  • NEKTech-Linux
  • Xomidhan
  • eScholarship
  • Jail Vaarta-Prisoner Video Conference with Relatives
  • Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana, Govt. of Maharashtra.
  • India
  • Effective and Concrete E-Governance Framework
  • An innovative public health e-intervention from Sri Lanka for the developing world in critical care medicine
  • Central Asia Health Systems Strengthening (CAHSS) Project
  • Tamilnadu Health System Project-Health Management Information System
E-Inclusion & Accessibilty Click here for details
  • Blind with Camera
  • Gift of New Abilities
  • Swaraloka: Adaptive Music Score Trainer for Visually Impaired in Sri Lanka
  • SimplEye: Mobile App for visually impaired
    Organisation:Kriyate Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Talk – An Innovative AAC Device for People with Developmental Disabilities
E-News & Journalism Click here for details
  • Citizen Matters
  • Magzter Stay Informed
  • None
E-Science & Technology Click here for details
  • “SIYARA” Harbour VTMS (New dimension in Port Traffic management)
  • None
E-Women & Empowerment Click here for details
  • Kanyashree Online 2.0
  • None
Manthan Chairman’s Distinction Materials
e-Culture & Tourism Click here for details
  • Treasure Caretaker Training, Digital Monastery Project
e-Science & Technology Click here for details
  • iHelmet
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