E-Health – Winner 2014
Project Title :An innovative public health e-intervention from Sri Lanka for the developing world in critical care medicine
Organisation: National Intensive Care Surveillance
Country :Sri Lanka
Website : www.nicslk.com
Language: English
Email: rashan@nicslk.com

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Health rolled out in April 2012 the National Intensive Care Surveillance which is a web based electronic bed availability system and a critical care registry. It helps to search available ICU beds and maintains a registry with clinical critical care scoring systems. These scoring systems are used for categorisation and prognostication of ICU patients helping resource planning in ICUs, comparing quality of patient care across ICUs, and standardising research in the field of critical care medicine. It also gathers information of ICUs including staffing and available resources which is used for capacity building of critical care personnel and facilitates critical care training for ICU staff by identifying training needs. Currently there are no reported web based intensive care bed availability systems anywhere in the world. Although a few countries have electronic critical care registries, NICS is the first web-based system that also includes an intensive care bed availability system together with a critical care registry. The project has immensely reduced the time taken to search for the closest available ICU beds. Before the system was launched, it usually took more than three hours and consumed valuable clinical time of doctors and nurses and also caused a huge burden and stress for the clinical staff. Failure to find ICU beds even led to death of patients. Now, the closest available ICU beds can be identified within few seconds. This has greatly increased the accessibility of critical care services and saved clinical staff from suffering a huge burden.

Project Title : Central Asia Health Systems Strengthening (CAHSS) Project
Organisation: The Aga Khan Development Network eHealth Resource Centre
Country : Pakistan
Website : www.akdn.org/ehrc
Language: English, Brushki, Chitrali, Pashto, Shugni, Urdu, Wakhi
Email: afroz.sajwani@akdn.org

: : The Aga Khan Development Network eHealth Resource Centre (AKDN eHRC) launched the Central Asia Health Systems Strengthening (CAHSS) project in April 2013 which seeks to utilise information and communication technologies (ICTs) to support, strengthen and expand the AKDN eHealth System in South-Central Asia covering the countries of Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic (operations yet to commence), Pakistan and Tajikistan. The CAHSS project employs ICTs to provide tele-consultations (live and store-and-forward) to improve the health status of communities within defined catchment areas and eLearning modules to enhance the clinical and managerial capacities of the health professionals working under the project. Through teleconsultation services, individual patients and their families save on travel and other costs and time otherwise spent on traveling to a health care facility at a distance. Additionally, eLearning modules are being disseminated to improve and build the skills of health care providers, enabling them to effectively deliver clinical care and manage eHealth operations. Activities under the CAHSS Project help strengthen health systems through a hub and spoke model developed in a systematic, coordinated, evidence-based and cost-effective manner. Currently, there are a total of 27 connections connecting 22 sites in South-Central Asia. So far, 3867 patients have benefited from live and store-and-forward teleconsultations while 14 new and 51 existing eLearning courses have been delivered to 1114 participants (male and female).

E-Health – Special Mention 2014
Organisation:Tamil Nadu Health System
Country : India
Website : www.tnhmis.org
Language: English
Email: pdtnhsp@gmail.com
: In June 2008 the Tamil Nadu government introduced a state-wide Health Management Information System (HMIS) to cover all government health facilities including primary health care centres, secondary hospitals, tertiary care hospitals and medical colleges. The system is designed to operate as a web-based single state-wide health management system. It captures online real time data of all patients availing of government health facilities. A patient is assigned a unique Patient Identification Number (PIN) on first time registration and the patient can henceforth visit any secondary care hospital within Tamil Nadu using the PIN. The patient’s entire health record is made available online for easy retrieval by doctors during subsequent visits of the patients. The system also enables the patient to get prescriptions, Lab reports, discharge reports and other relevant documents as printouts. Apart from patient records, the HMIS also captures data on various aspects of the health system to provide a comprehensive health management information system that can enable formulation of evidence-based policies and more efficient management of the entire health system in the state. At present, the system has been implemented in all the 1539 PHCs and all the 222 secondary care hospitals in the state.
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