e-Community Broadcasting – Winner 2014
Project Title : Brahmaputra Community Radio Station 90.4 FM
Organisation: Brahmaputra Community Radio Station
Country : India
Website : www.c-nes.org
Language: Assamese
Email: bhuyan.bhaskar83@gmail.com
Brahmaputra Community Radio Station is a non-commercial radio station. It is the first grassroots station of its kind in North-East India. It is run by representatives of local communities in dibrugarh district and produces radio programs in five different language & dialects – Assamese, Bhojpuri, Mishing, Bodo and Chadri (tea garden community dialect) – by the direct participation of the respective communities’ youths from tea gardens, islands in the Brahmaputra river and from the other mainland villages. The community radio station initiative was started in 2010 with the training and capacity building of local enthusiastic communities members.

DFrom its inception, the radio station has been producing radio programmes to generate awareness about the community radio station through narrowcasting of produced programmes in village level communities. From March 2014, however, the radio station has started test broadcasting of various radio programmes in various formats such as talk shows, musical shows, drama, documentaries and live programming covering health, education, livelihood, agriculture, local culture and custom etc in the five different languages and dialects covering the most deprived communities from the island population, tea garden population and mainland village communities. The radio station covers a total population of about 2.5 lakh.

Project Title : Yaadon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra
Organisation: Content Project Pvt Ltd
Country : India
Website : www.neeleshmisra.in
Language: English
Email: gaurav@contentproject.in
Yaadon Ka Idiot Box is a radio show on Reliance Broadcast’s 92.7 BIG FM. This show is produced by Content Project Pvt Ltd. The show features stories narrated by Neelesh Misra. In the last four years of running, the show has amassed a huge fan base, great appreciations, and many awards. The objective of the show is to bring the lost art of storytelling back to masses. The stories on Yaadon ka Idiot Box is heard by people from all age groups. There are people from metros, tier 2cities, tier 3 cities and even villages who are among the listeners. Because the stories can be funny, dramatic or serious it touches a wide array of emotions that appeals to people from all age groups and the show appeals to a wide domain of people. The radio programme has completed three successful seasons and is currently running the fourth. More than 500 stories have been produced by the show so far. It has a steady audience of 40 million listeners.
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