E-Women & Empowerment- Winner 2014
Project Title : Kanyashree Online 2.0
Organisation:Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare
Country : INDIA
Website : www.wbkanyashree.gov.in
Language: English
Email: js.wcd-wb@nic.in
:Launched in October 2013, the Kanyashree MIS through the Kanyashree Portal 2.0 has been developed by NIC-West Bengal with the objective of creating an e-governance mechanism for Kanyashree Prakalpa, the unique Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) scheme for improving the status and well-being of the girl child in West Bengal. The portal facilitates in capturing the data of adolescent girl beneficiaries enrolled in school, college/universities and sanction of their scholarships through a transparent online mode. The sanctioned data is then transferred to the bank for direct benefit transfer to the beneficiaries’ account through NEFT mode. It is an end-to-end web based system right from the school level which is the data entry point for registration within the system. The site is https enabled and Salted MD5 encryption for password is used. The generation of digital signatures for of all stakeholders is also in process. The online system is user friendly for all types of users. Moreover, beneficiaries can generate the status of their application instantly through the system. The Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare in collaboration with NIC-West Bengal is in the process of integrating the Kanyashree portal with the Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS) under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. So far, the project has enrolled over 1.8 million beneficiaries (age group 13-18 years) who have applied for annual scholarships (K1) among which over 1.6 million have been sanctioned. Similarly, 118654 beneficiaries (age-group 18-19 years) have successfully applied for one-time grant (K2) among which 105695 have been sanctioned till date.

Project Title :Maya.com.bd
Country : Bangladesh
Website : www.maya.com.bd
Language: English & Bangla
Email: info@maya.com.bd
: Founded in November 2012, Maya is the first and only website in Bangladesh dedicated to empowering women by bridging online and offline communities by creating user friendly and responsive platforms and disseminating high quality contextualized content on all issues of health, well-being, gender justice and social stigmas. The website, which has content in both English and Bengali, is available to all who have Internet access. At present, however, Maya is primarily serving urban women in Bangladesh who may have better access to Internet and mobile but remain heavily under-served in basic services such as health, legal support and other social challenges such as violence against women. The website has over 1100 localised articles in English which are constantly being updated with local information through research being done by in-house doctors. It also has at present over 600 articles in the country’s national language Bangla or Bengali. Work is now going on to make it a Bangla-first site by January 2015. So far, the website has notched up over 1 million page views and has more than 2000 daily visits despite zero advertising. Its interactive Q&A platform Maya Apa has answered over 6000 questions and its Facebook page has over 10,000 fans. A mobile app for accessing the website is scheduled for beta launch in September 2014. The website has substantial revenue potential through platform syndication, ad monetization and licensing. By 2016, Maya is expecting to generate $ 8 million a year in revenue.

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