Project Title : iHelmet
Organisation: Chamathkara IT Solutions
Country : Sri Lanka
Language: English, Hindi, Tibetan, Dzongka, Nepalese

Sri Lanka based Chamathkara IT Solutions has developed a product called iHelmet which comprises a smart device attached to a regular motor cycler’s helmet and an Android mobile app. The system is designed to provide ordinary motorcycle riders the convenience and safety experienced by high-end automobile drivers. It uses an array of sensors built into the special device attached to the biker’s helmet. This device communicates with the user’s smart-phone via Bluetooth wireless technology and the custom developed app constantly monitors sensor readings and reacts appropriately to assist the motor cycle rider. The product was initially invented as a high-tech solution designed for army ground forces. But after getting many feedbacks from tech experts and other people, and going through many iterations of refinements, the same core product was modified to suit an ordinary motorcycle rider, as that group seemed to have a greater need for a product of this nature. By the time this product was originally developed in 2013, no competitive products existed in the market. Now the smart helmet named “Skully”, which is still under development seems like a potential competitor, but the iHelmet contains many features “Skully” doesn’t have including iHelmet’s advance mobile app. The cost of iHelmet is less than 1/10th of “Skully”‘s price. The prototype of the product is ready and it will soon be launched in the market.

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