The Manthan Award 2007

Jurors’ Graffiti

“I felt humbled. I should become a student again”
Prof. K. Kannan, Vice Chancellor, Nagaland University

“Could have spent a few days doing this. Felt at once a student as well as a teacher evaluating scripts”
Amir Ullah Khan, Fellow, India Development Foundation

“You really made us work for a good reason”
Piyush Gupta, National Institute of Smart Governance (NISG), Hyderabad

“A great platform to see and understand the work happening around the country. The opportunity was both great as it was rare too”
Ashish Garg, Global e-School Community Initiative (GeSCI)

“Challenging and great fun! Thanks for the opportunity”
Manas Chakrabarti, American India Foundation

“Manthan goes from strength to strength – its going amazing how many great ICT ideas you have unearthed!”
Sajan Venniyoor, UN Solution Exchange

“Now I got the real feel of what goes behind in choosing the awardees. The process is so challenging, the entrees are unique and universal. Great education. Thanks”
Madhura Chatrapathy, Asian Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives (ASCENT), Bangalore

“Great learning experience for me. Excited at the length, breadth and depth of e-Content”
Naimur Rahman, OneWord South Asia

“This time the arrangements and process was much better. Keep it up and all the best”
Rufina Fernandez, NASSCOM Foundation

“Its gets bigger, better and more tiring”
Rajan Varada, TFTP, Bangalore

“An experience of great value. Being a Manthan awardee as well a juror now, I know both sides of it!! Great. Keep it up!!
S.N. Goswami, Media Lab Asia

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