e-Traveler and Tourism, Finalists 2012

Project Title : Thrillophilia.com
Category : e-Travel & Tourism
Producer : Thrillophilia Adventure Tours

Thrillophilia, implemented in 2009, aspires to be the biggest adventure and activity travel curator in the Indian subcontinent and SoutheastAsia.The outdoor team of Thrillophilia has travelled across India and collected first hand information of adventuretravel in India. This helped to build the biggest adventure travel guide of India. Besidesthis it also figured out the best local adventure service providers in all the regions ofIndia and started serving 400+ activity tours on the website with local partners.Todaythe website has more than 3000 pages of information of activity travel in India on blogs, guides, articles, travelogues and tour pages. The outdoor team now is doing itsresearch on other regions like Sri Lanka, Bhutan,Thailand,Malaysia and Nepal.The company further plans to launch adventure travel guides of these destinations and similarlytying up with local service providers to cater to adventure travel enthusiasts comingto these regions.

Project Title : BaliBaliBeach.com
Category : e-Travel & Tourism
Producer : Amazing Indonesia

Bali Island of Indonesia is one of the world tourist destinations. Culture and the exotic natural beauty make people always interest in visiting the island. But unfortunately, the lack of information about Bali made only the popular tourist spots known to tourists such asKuta Beach or Tanah Lot. But in fact, Bali still has hundreds of other attractions which are also interesting to visit. Therefore the goal of the site is to provide tourists with information the various alternative places available in Bali, for example Bali beach, Dreamland beach, to Hindu’s temples such as Besakih or a historical tour to PuriAgungKarangasem. It is a unique website, with maps, and all information that may people needbefore coming to Bali.The website is used by tourists and travelersfromAustralia, UnitedStates, United Kingdom, and Indonesia. Other important information provided on thewebsite relates to cheap hotels and important events in Bali.All the information is complemented with photos and its location on Google Maps so that any visitor can easilyrecognize them. This site is always updated.

Project Title : Official Tourism Website of Gujarat
Category : e-Travel & Tourism
Producer : Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited.

The website has been created in 1997 and has been subsequently reworked to give the tourists and the general public at large detailed information about the various places of interest, events and other services of Gujarat Tourism.The main intention behind creating this website is to share the colors, the romance, the heritage, the insights as well as the mystique that entwines this Gujarati legend. It is an attempt to equip the visitor with all the relevant information, tools and resources needed to make his/her journey enriching, uncomplicated and enjoyable.The Gujarati soul is embodied by its regular everyday people. The creators hope that to some extent,this website will also connect the tourists with the warmth and celebratory spirit of its people.The website has been created and subsequently revamped to give the tourists and general public at large detailed information about the various places of interest, events and other services of Gujarat Tourism. It is an informative website created to facilitate tourist arrivals to the State of Gujarat, their onward journey to their destination and relevant information required for the travel like conveyance, lodging, boarding and food of the local places. Features are being continuously included in thewebsite, so that more and more tourists are able to explore the variety of tourist destinations of Gujarat.

Project Title : Traveltechie.com
Category : e-Travel & Tourism
Producer : Traveltechie.com

Traveltechie.com has been created in 2009 and publishes the latest travel and hospitality industry news. It reaches out to more than 100,000 travel agents across India as well as tomore than 100,000 travel trade professionals including owners, directors, contracting managers, marketing and Sales Managers of travel agency and tour operators who visit the siteevery month to read the latest travel and tourism updates. In addition Traveltechie helpstourism boards, airlines, hotels,resorts,travelAgents,tour operators and othertravel suppliersto advertise and market to their target audience directly in the most efficient and free manner.The site is able to effectively advertise allthose products by way of banner advertisementon the website which is visited by more than 100,000 travel agents and tour operators acrossIndia and Internationally. It also offers the opportunity to advertise by Banner advertisements in the E-newsletters which reach more than 50,000 travel agents and tour operators across India twice a week.

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