e-Science and Technology, Finalists 2012

Project Title : Sation magazine
Category : e-Science & Technology
Producer : Belle Enterprises

Other than scientific journals and institute related publications there are no science magazines in India that would talk to the general public about science using simple words theywould understand, promote awareness about the importance of science, technology andenvironment or promote awareness about the latest research on popular topics of researchin India. Therefore the Sation Magazine is meant to elaborate in depth on all those topicsand provide information for students, teachers or any interested party.The magazine alsoattempts to encourage users to contribute articles to facilitate open information distribution by regular readers of Sation. Currently more than 50 subscribers and those who happento land on the Sation page from Google have already contributed to providing content, knowledge of latest research in India, through interviews and news. To be sustainable on the long run, Sation will develop specialized services (content or otherwise) in the near future to fund the magazine. The article that has been consistently number one in term ofpage views and visits is and interview with DrSajjan Singh Yadav about implementing theMother Child Tracking for example.

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