e-Governance, Finalists 2012

Project Title : RTI NATION
Category : e-Governance
Producer : RTI NATION

RTI NATION, started in 2009, is the first and only online portal in the country that enables the filing of RTI applications online.The process of filing an RTI application isusually tedious and hectic but with the portal any citizen can file it withthe click of abutton either at a public internet café or from the privacy of his home.The portal notonly efficient anduser friendly in use but in addition it is also cost conscious as it takesan average person around 200-300 INR to filean RTI while the process is cheaper through the online portal.Another central aspect of the portal lies in the fact that thefiling of an RTI becomes totally hassle free as well.To simplify the process is very crucialsince filing an RTI is avery powerful tool provided to the citizens of India to receivetheir due right with regard to the access to information. Therefore a key aim of the initiative is to bridge the information gap to enable a better nation with more informedcitizens. Filing an application via the online portal will cost the citizen about 150 INRper application which includes all postage and postal order charges as well.

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