Information Technology based Education and Rehabilitation

 Product Description
The product by Webel Mediatronics Limited (WML) is a pioneering one in the development of integrated system for education of people with visual impairments. The system addresses solutions to major obstacles in disseminating Braille education in vernacular languages. The product is a successful one with its implementation in around 110 schools in 22 states all over the country, while providing necessary infrastructure support to the blinds schools to develop unlimited reading material in Braille for visually impaired communities.

Braille is a system of touch-reading for the blind, which employs 6 embossed dots evenly arranged in 3 columns and 2 rows. Though only 63 combinations available, there are lot many symbols in use leading to many overlapping Braille codes. WML has successfully developed and deployed Computerized Braille Transcription System in 13 major Indian languages for visually impaired community of India that addresses many issues through logic in conversion program. Among many advantages from Computer Based Transcription is the operator need not have thorough knowledge of Braille, unlike manual transcription.

ORGANISATIONWebel Mediatronics Limited

CONTACTSri. S. N. Goswami,
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUMSystem application/offline
LANGUAGE13 Indian Languages including English

Multimedia content for class V to IX

Product Description
SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is the product produced by VIIT. The product compiles multimedia content objects to teach the syllabus to students of 10 to 16 age groups. SCORM enables to reuse content for faster development; share content between systems; reduce cost of content maintenance; maximize technology investments; decrease reliance on proprietary tools and technology; reduce switching cost risk and offer other services.

Use and reuse of learning contents is a new frontier in technology and computer based learning. VIIT has broken a new ground in this field with its SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) project. SCORM aims at faster creation of reusable learning contents as ”Instruction Objects” within a common technical framework to meet high-level requirements for computer and web based learning. The project is a collection of specifications and standards that can be viewed as a separate “books” together into a growing library for use in local language (Marathi).
CONTACTDr. Amol C. Goje, 02112-239555

Vidya online

Product Description is a ‘one stop’ non-commercial website, which facilitates knowledge sharing, provides resources and online help for better classroom transactions, create forums for critical reflection on issues in education and supports ongoing teacher improvement initiatives. The target audience and users are the primary school teachers of India, though researchers and academics in education can also use it. The site is drawn on databases that make searching and retrieval easy and less time consuming.
Knowledge sharing, accessing resources and information are whole time fundamentals for educators, researchers, teachers, students and others to improve various learning initiatives. Catering to the needs of these categories of audiences is the Vidya Online website that offers knowledge and learning resources to teachers, general public and researchers online. Vidya online further encourages people to participate proactively in the process of education and patronize primary schools apart from offering other services.
ORGANISATIONVidya Online Charitable TrustLOCATIONNew Delhi
CONTACTVidya M. S, 011-29536153,

Maharashtra state course in IT

Product Description
Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT) is the new IT literacy course module developed and designed by the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited. The 132 hour course module is a high quality study material in the form of a book that covers various basic concepts, course materials comprising lectures, demonstrations and hands on practice section backed up terminology and large number of interesting and useful applications of IT in everyday life.

Living in this information Communication Technology age means a continuous search for knowledge acquisition and delivery to cater to diversified needs and categories of audiences. Stepping a right foot forward is the 3 months IT literacy course structure MS-CIT by the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited. The course is of 132 hours duration in total combining theory and practical lessons. A book alone with a Multimedia Tutor CD is presented as a part of the study material covering basic IT concepts and applied aspects of IT.

ORGANISATIONIdeal Computer Education

CONTACTDeoram Chandrakant Kale, 02137-264610
LANGUAGEEnglish/ Marathi

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