Panchayati Raj Department

Product Description
The online Panchayati Raj platform has networked 314 block offices of Orissa state with 30 DRDA offices and state head quarter of Panchayati Raj department during 2001-2005. Installation of Priasoft, Rural soft, betan and pamis application software in Oracle is enabling an enterprise platform for online data processing and management of rural development and anti poverty programmes in Orissa.

Monitoring and evaluating grassroots development projects have been a daunting challenge for the Panchayati Raj Department in Orissa as in other states in the country. The online platform of the Orissa Panchayati Raj Department is the first initiative of its type in e-panchayat governance in India that has enabled to network 314 block offices of the state with 30 DRDA offices and state head quarter of Panchayati Raj department. This has led to the improvement of efficiency and better delivery of services to the target group consisting of people under below poverty line numbering 45 lakh families.

ORGANISATIONPanchayati Raj Orissa Government

CONTACTRabindra Nath Das, h0674-2536260

Voice of people- An e-ffort to empower citizen 

Product Description
The public-private partnership project Lokvani in the district of Sitapur in U.P. is a single window, self-sustainable e-governance solution providing transparent, accountable and responsive administration for grievance handling; land record maintenance as well as an eclectic mixture of essential services. Lokvani caters to the needs of three major players resulting in a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship among its benefactors.

E-Governance is defined as the use of information technology for the purpose of enabling and improving the efficiency through which government services and information are provided to the citizens, employees, businesses, and other government agencies. Lokvani is a public-private partnership E-Governance program which has been initiated with the combined efforts of both the Sitapur district administration as well as the NIC to cater to a population having 88% rural population with 38.86% literacy rate. The project is an outstanding example of a highly cost-efficient, economically self-reliant and user financed community network.

ORGANISATIONGovernment of Uttar Pradesh

LOCATIONUttar Pradesh
CONTACTAmod Kumar, 09415329411
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUMKiosk, Internet/web, crossmedia, broadband
LANGUAGE English, Hindi

Information Keral Mission

Product Description
The Information Kerala Mission is a project of the Government of Kerala for undertaking ICT initiatives for local governments in the state. The objectives include the computerization of services in the local governments, setting up a networking linking the 1223 local governments and related offices across the state, training of the staff in the local governments in computer fundamentals and the application software in the context of improved service delivery, devising handholding and support strategies & implementing the project. As part of these initiatives IKM is implementing intensive pilots in a few locations, where all the applications developed by IKM have been deployed.

Use of ICT for local administration enables to implement a holistic and humane centered ICT project aiming at strengthening decentralized planning and local democracy through good governance and improved service delivery. The Information Kerala Mission, a holistic and human centered ICT project has aimed at strengthening decentralised planning and local democracy through good governance, by enabling improved service delivery, sharing of best practices and building up community knowledge bases for decentralised planning and local area development. The IKM provides the much required database support for better decision making in development projects, offers improved public services and responsive local administration and imparts necessary skills to the community to use ICT for transparency, participation and judicious decision-making in several local governments.
ORGANISATIONInformation Kerala Mission

CONTACTP.V. Unnikrishnan, 0471-2595833
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUM Internet, client-server, kiosk/ web, CD, DVD, kiosk
LANGUAGE English, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil

Hyderabad First

Product Description
The project Hyderabad First covers a 179 sq km spread through a utility-driven website, which has a four-pronged agenda – accessibility, transparency, accountability & responsiveness. The project enables citizens who do not have access to the Internet to use the fully computerized e-Seva and Citizen Service Centre set ups whereby, they can pay their bills and remit all municipal taxes. Citizens can also apply for birth / death registration certificates, permits / licences, transport department services, make bus and train reservations, avail themselves of the Internet and utilise B2C services, among other things.

The functioning of municipal bodies is often braved with challenges like serving multifarious services to the citizens and thus faces a demand-supply imbroglio. The idea of Hyderabad First as an e-governance platform is to ease out these exploiting and complex situations and provide a transparent administration. By using Hyderabad First, Parishkruthi, an integrated grievance registration system, citizens can contact officials and file their complaints / send in their comments by Internet or call centre facilities.
ORGANISATIONMunicipal Corporation OF Hyderabad
LOCATIONAndhra Pradesh
CONTACTSanjay Jaju,

Prison Management System

Product Description
The product developed and implemented by NIC is a Prisons Management System (PMS) application. PMS is a G-2-G and G-2-C e-Governance tool. It has created a transparent, simplified and efficient Prisoners’ Information Handling System for all Prisoners who are lodged in the Tihar Prisons and their visitors. Court Cases Details along with the actions taken by the courts are stored along with movement Details like recording and tracking of all Prisoner movement activities within the Jail and out side Jail.

Managing information and other details of prisoners in the Asia’s biggest Tihar Jail in Delhi is a tremendous job. The Prisons Management System (PMS) developed by NIC is to manage the information regarding all the prisoners of Tihar Prison. Among the vital features of the PMS includes Unique Registration Number Allocation; Secured data entry and retrieval after User Authorization; Court Cases Details; and Movement Details of prisoners and their activities.
ORGANISATIONNational Informatics Centre
CONTACT Rajiv Prakash Saxena, 011-24364299
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUMweb server, client server

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