Bio-metric tracking of payments under NREGA

Product Description
The project is unique in India, as it enables, unique tracking of bio-metrics of beneficiaries under NREGA. The product can be operated with a simple 12 volt car battery or rechargeable battery. The device can help to register up to 1,000 finger prints and then compare the actual beneficiary with the template, thereby ensuring the right person gets paid, for the services rendered. The device uniquely identifies the thumb impression of each beneficiary, linked to their ID. 

Keeping a track of records of facts and figures on government schemes and beneficiaries is a monumental challenge in India and elsewhere. The Bio-metric device is unique, as it is a stand alone device that attempts to keep records of beneficiaries of schemes like NREGA successfully. The response in rural villages has been fantastic as it has helped to empower every common man and woman.

ORGANISATIONLife Line to Business (LL2B)

Technology/Medium Biomtric Tracking/Offline

E-Choupal Sanchalak

Product Description
The e-sanchalak provides information on agriculture to his village farmers through the echoupal website. The sanchalak has been instrumental in developing his village through imparting education, teaching savings, information sharing, health programmes, dairy development, water shed management and so on.

Mending the role of an Information and knowledge sharing carrier in rural Indian villages is a challenging task for any social entrepreneur. Mr. Kishor Dattarao Wagh from Maharashtra has donned this mantle with flying colours. Kishore shares information on farming practices, price of commodities, imparting education to poor kids, organizing farmer trainings and other activities and in all these the e-choupal site has been a tremendous help to him.
CONTACTKishor Dattarao Wagh, 07252-235097
VSAT, Internet, kiosk, PC/offline, web, CD/DVD

LANGUAGEEnglish, Hindi

Asha – Hope for Farm Prosperity

Product Description
The SFAC project was launched by Assam SFAC to provide ICT based agribusiness services through 219 Community Information Centres using portal www.assamagribusiness.nic.inThe project attempts to address the issues of farmers’ access to technology, government endeavor (schemes), institutions, markets, resources and services to tackle poverty and poor growth through agriculture medium in Assam.

In Assam despite the strong presence of corporate in agribusiness sector, the access of quality inputs and services in rural areas has been very inadequate, badly affecting farm incomes and livelihoods. Taking a noble initiative the Assam Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (Assam SFAC) undertook the mission of providing access to technology, government endeavor, markets, institutions and services to farmers Media using ICT with relevant and need based Content under a brand name ASHA meaning Hope. ASHA services are made available through the Community Information Centres (CICs) located in 219 Community Rural Development Blocks of the state where farmer can access technology, Institutions, Government schemes, Markets and Services without barriers at his convenience either over telephone or through walk in and engage with them.
ORGANISATIONGovernment of Assam
CONTACTDr. Mahammed Ariz Ahammed, 0361-2363325

English and Assamese

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