Mental Health Awareness and Stigma Eradication 

Product Description
The project aims to create awareness and stigma reduction for families and persons affected by Mental Illness via email all over India. It further uses other ICT mediums like telephone, mobile help lines to address the issue.

Families and individuals facing the situations of mental health problems are further put to stress due to stigma attached to it. The NAMI India project is a noble initiative to create awareness and stigma reduction for families and persons affected by Mental Illness via email, telephone, and mobile help lines all over India. The project is gradually moving to rural areas after making a mark in the urban area. Persons can pose their questions to the doctor or on the yahoogroups to get assistance and funding. All members’ data is kept confidential to avoid stigma.
CONTACTAkila Maheshwari, 022-26288620
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUMInternet, Email/web, mail,mobile, telephone

Deployment of Telemedicine for Healthcare in Rural Areas 

Product Description
The telemedicine project of Webel, a state enterprise under Dept. of IT, Govt. of West Bengal has been implementing Healthcare projects in collaboration with IIT, Kharagpur who has developed the technology. The two pilot projects implemented at Government Hospitals in West Bengal in different districts and one project in Tripura have so far provided health care services to more than 4000 patients suffering from various diseases and located in different areas that include remote/rural/hilly areas.

Telemedicine (also referred to as E-Health) is the use of ICT to provide heath care when distance separates the participants. Webel has taken the initiatives in collaboration with IIT,Kharagpur for the Development and Deployment of telemedicine through execution of several projects in West Bengal and Tripura. The project has played a significant role in the delivery and support of health care particularly in the underserved, rural and remote areas by bridging the rural-urban divide and distance barrier through use of ICT.

ORGANISATIONWebel Electronic Communication

CONTACTDr. J.N. Maiti 030-23677207
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUMVideo conferencing/telemedicine, broadband


Product Description
The Video Conferencing health care project is to facilitate people of districts of Uttar Pradesh to consult SG PGI Lucknow for their ailments irrespective of distances through the NIC VC Setup. The project is facilitating the needy poor people who are not able to bear the expenses incurred in transport and boarding at Lucknow to treat their serious ailments at SG PGI.

For the common and less than privileged patients getting treatment at the SG-PGI in Lucknow becomes difficult due to distance and financial reasons despite being referred by the Chief Medical Superintendent of the district for better treatment. The NIC-VC project is doing a yeoman’s service as it is enabling the common patients to treat diseases like neurological problem, Heart problem, Cancer, and other disease treated by PGI doctors on Video Conferencing. The project has resulted in a very high level medical consultancy of reputed SGPGI doctors by the poor people at their own place at very low cost.

ORGANISATIONNational Informatics Center

LOCATIONUttar Pradesh
CONTACTRavindra Kumar
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUMVideo conferencing/telemedicine

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