Category: E-ENVIRONMENT, Finalists 2011
Original Title : Climate EduXchange – e-Learning course and module on Environmental Education
Media Format : Internet
Website :
Producer : TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute)
Language : English
Location : Delhi, INDIA
Contact :
TERIThe site provides the course appropriate for both classroom teachers and for non-formal educators who work with students and/or teachers. It provides educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate quality environmental education into their instruction. The course modules are rich in audio, video and interactive web-based content, and use the latest ICT tools and techniques. Participants discuss the history, definition, and goals of environmental ducation; develop an understanding of the professional roles and instructional methods of environmental educators; and interact with other eucators from across the country. The online certificate course in “Environmental Education” is developed by The Energy Research Institute (TERI) in collaboration with DELL.
The Jury appreciated the uniqueness of this project in terms of the course content, delivery, presentation to create virtual environmenttools, technology and in Implementation process. It was noted that this e-learn programme is endorsed by UNESCO as part of UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development. It was also noted by the Jury that this e-course has been designed to help the learner develop a better sense and understanding of the environment, as also to help expand knowledge and skills as an educator. It will not only help to develop a better sense of what Environmental Education is, but will also expand their skills as an educator.
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