Category: E-ENTERTAINMENT, Finalist 2011
Original Title : Gamer.LK
Media Format : Internet
Website :
Producer : InGame Entertainment
Language : English
Location : Rajagiriya, SRI LANKA
Contact :
Gamer.LK, launched by InGame Entertainment in Sri Lanka, is an online community for video game enthusiasts and cyber-athletes interested in doing e-Sports.This is presently supporting a community of over 10,000 registered users, and over 1,000 participants attending real life events. The online community features a discussion forum also where a majority of the websites activities take place. The website introduced the reporting of e-Sports news coverage in 2008. Interviews, Web-Comics and IT hardware enthusiast community, where Sri Lanka’s most knowledgeable and passionate computer hardware buyers and sellers gather to discuss their favourite products. This stats, results and commentary can be seen in Gamer.LK e-Sports News, with features for users to subscribe to alerts as soon as a new article is posted. Gamer.LK expanded its creative reach to a number of local hardware vendors to approach the website as a marketing tool to sell their wares to a community that appreciate good hardware.
The Jury appreciated the achievements of Gamer.LK while it organised in 2008, its first real life event in the form of Sri Lanka Cyber Games (SLCG), by far the Sri Lanka’s largest e-Sports tournament and gaming festival. It was also noted that Gamer.LK has also brought together all the gaming-cafés in Sri Lanka under one roof, with a special section being dedicated to each café for café owners to interact with the gaming community. Further, Gamer.LK also produces one of Sri Lanka’s largest classified sections with over 20 new classifieds being added every day.

Original Title : mGreet
Media Format : Multiple
Website :
Producer : Times Internet Limited (Indiatimes 58888)
Language : English, Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, Kannada
Location : Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Contact :
mGreet, launched by Times Internet Limited, is a unique mobile greetings services accessible on IVR, Web & WAP platforms. It allows users to greet their friends on different occasions in a fun way by sending attractive voice greetings and celebrity greetings, along with an option to personalise the same. It is a novel, unique, fun and a very engaging solution for the users, who can send and receive voice greetings to and from friends in three form of voice OBDs or SMS. The mGreet platform is a self sustainable model, with a centralized system for content and user management, content delivery module, vendor account management module, MIS generation and third party application integration.
The Jury noted that in the initial month of launch, on the occasion of diwali, mGreet got 30000 subscribers and within its first year of launch mGreet has 240,000 subscribers. It was also observed that the initiative brings novelty in the greetings activity by replacing sms and e-greeting cards with funny and attractive voice greetings for every occasion with an option to personalise the same. It was also noted that mGreet have this service available in 5 different languages with a promise to add many more in near future. The Jury appreciated that mGreet provides an on the go solution over anymobile phone for sending greetings in a new way and form.

Original Title : Yalu Chat
Media Format : Mobile phone based
Website :
Producer : Yalu Chat
Language : Sinhala, English
Location : Galle, SRI LANKA
Contact :
It allows a person to find another person and allow him to chat with the partner as long as they needed. This only cost Rs. 30/- per month and available on Etisalat. Yalu is an anonymous chat service currently available for Etisalat Customer base. It’s based on SMS. Inside Yalu users can create profiles, play games, and use some mini apps like friendship meter. Yalu is always a place to meet each other and share experiences and feelings. It’s ‘your friend (Yalu)’ anytime anywhere. Currently Yalu is working only with Etisalat but it has the potential to reach other network providers as well. Even Skype and Google Talk based solutions will be released in the future.
The Jury appreciated the novel approach of allowing one to express his or her thoughts through this application. It was noted that currently Yalu has been deployed on Etisalat Appzone and it is serving more than 10000 users currently. It was also appreciated that because of anonymity between the two chatting persons the exchange of feeling takes place easily on this platform. The current rate of Rs. 30/= per month is very attractive for the users and they can chat as many as they can anytime anywhere. However the Jury also noted that the service is presently restricted to the Etisalat customer base only.
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