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Ninithi is a free, open-source modelling software developed to visualize and analyze the carbon allotropes used in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology deals with objects which are at nanometer scale and not visible even to powerful optical microscopes. An infinite number of geometries exist and it is not feasible to prepare samples of all of them in the real world. Having a three dimensional visualization of atomic structures in a virtual environment and the capability to plot graphs illustrating their band structure greatly enhances the ability to understand the correlation between material properties and the geometry. Ninithi provides this functionality with attractive 3D images and 2D/3D graph plots features to users. Target group of users are the lecturers, students and scientists who are involved in nanotechnology related work.

Original Title : Ninithi

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www : is an attempt to encourage writing of articles and multimedia tutorials on the subjects of science and technology in Bengali language and making them widely available through the Internet media. Although news papers are contributing a lot of content in Bangladesh but very few sites are dedicated towards covering the science and technology areas. It is clear that more writers are needed who can explain science and technology in a simple and lucid manner to the younger generations and hence boost their interest in these topics. is an effort to foster and cultivate good writers. So far, the site has registered 3855 members and among them 364 users (status as Authors/Writers) are active contributors to the site.

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www :

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