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Implementation of Science and Technology for Women Empowerment and Improvement in Rural Sectors

Women play a critical role in the agriculture and allied sectors as producers and hence concentrated efforts need to be made to ensure that benefits of training and extension programmes reach them in proportion to their numbers. This project paves a way for women to receive scientific knowledge and know-how using radio broadcasts as a means. It has helped in developing a culture of listening and learning new things about agrimarketing, farming using natural manure protection of crops from rain and damp weather, rain water harvesting etc. The transmissions are also concerned with topics that can help improve the quality of life of the listeners including legal rights for women, non-formal education using distance learning methods, importance of vaccination, child-nutrition, personal hygiene etc.

Original Title : Implementation of Science and Technology for Women Empowerment and Improvement in Rural Sectors

Producer : Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College

Location :Puducherry, INDIA

Media Format :Radio

Language : Tamil and English

www :

Protecting Planet Earth and Combating Global Warming

Even as developed countries are groping in the dark about ways of saving our planet Earth from the ill-effects of carbon production, some developing nations like India have understood the responsibility of finding new and renewable sources of energy. The Kongu Community Radio has taken it upon itself to create awareness among listeners about global warming and climate change. A community radio programme titled Vazhum Bhoomi (Living Earth) is being broadcast every day since the last 8 months highlighting simple methods of conserving energy at grass root level, the effect of industrial revolution and the production of energy from fossil fuels, need for conservation of energy and the necessity to go in for new, renewable and nonconventional energy sources.

Original Title : Vazhum Boomi (Living Earth)

Producer : Kongu Community Radio

Location : Perundurai, Erode, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Media Format : Radio

Language : Tamil

www :

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