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Mobile Phone Health Service

The Mobile Phone Health Service is intended to serve the entire population of Bangladesh. Altogether, there are 64 district hospitals and 418 upazila hospitals in the country and MIS Health provided one mobile phone to each of these hospitals. The hospital managements were instructed to make sure that one duty doctor was available every day to receive the incoming phone calls and answer the citizens’ questions on health problems. This service does not only save the people precious time and money but is also very convenient for the women, many of whom cannot travel alone. Moreover, the local health care providers are in better situation to understand the health problem of the callers due to familiarity with local language, culture, seasonal disease patterns.

Original Title : Mobile Phoney Shaystho Seba

Producer : Department of Management Information System (MIS) under the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)

Location : Dhaka, BANGLADESH

Media Format : Mobile Content

Language : Bangla

www :

Computerized Management Information System (CMIS) for Safe Motherhood and Child Survival

Safe Motherhood and Child Survival (SMCS) is a project that has been initiated by Deepak Foundation, a voluntary organization in Vadodara, Gujarat, to reduce maternal and infant mortality in tribal and rural areas of Vadodara district. Any woman who is pregnant or has an infant is registered by a trained woman volunteer or Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) in each of the 1548 villages of the district. The CMIS tracks care services given to every single pregnant woman,develops output report for block level staff to be able to monitor project implementation and cross-checks government service statistics which are often inflated. The beneficiaries are contacted periodically till they complete the eligibility period of 21 months to ensure that they receive the health services they are due.

Original Title : Computerized Management Information System (CMIS) for Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Project

Producer : Deepak Foundation

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA

Media Format : Offline

Language : Gujarati

www :

AG Breast Care e-Health Program

The mission of the Amader Gram (AG) Breast Care e-Health Program is to reduce mortality from breast cancer and other breast diseases in the women of Bangladesh. It provides education to women and medical professionals through community activation and empowerment creating activities. The project has started a breast problem telephone helpline service and created computer-based breast problem educational resource in Bangla, accessible at the Amader Gram computer training centres and at virtually all telecentres of Bangladesh. Family Welfare Volunteers (FWVs) and Family Welfare Assistants (FWAs) have also been trained to use cell phones to enable telemedicine consultation service for the patients. There is also provision for medical care for breast problems through local primary breast care clinics.

Original Title : AG Breast Care – A Choice

Producer : Amader Gram

Location : Dhaka, BANGLADESH

Media Format : CD/DVD

Language : Bangla/English

www :

Remote Patient Monitoring System

Remote Patient Monitoring System is a low-cost patient monitoring system that provides  point-of-care decision support to reduce the alarming rates of maternal and infant mortality. The system gathers the physiological data of the patient using wearable medical sensors and transmits it via a mobile phone to a remote web server in a tertiary care hospital. The server stores the transmitted data in an electronic medical record system and invokes the services of an intelligent clinical decision support system to scan for anomalies and generate medical inferences. The medical consultant accesses these inferences and then transmits the information back to the patient/field medical staff for immediate action. The proper implementation of this system, therefore, guarantees a reliable, safe and efficient maternal care routine.

Original Title : Remote Patient Monitoring System

Producer : Next Generation Intelligent Networks Research Centre

Location : Islamabad, PAKISTAN

Media Format : Mobile/PDA

Language : English

www :


Aarogyam is a unique end-to-end community based digital health mapping system that has been envisaged to strengthen preventive medical care within the society as a whole. For development of district database, a comprehensive baseline survey is carried out with respect to various family health indicators including age, immunization details of children, ANC/PNC details of  pregnant/lactating mothers, due-date of delivery and finally a unique ID is assigned to each family. This information is then uploaded on specially designed software and then linked to the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). The database so generated forms the backbone through which a software system generates automated calls on child immunization, ANC, PNC, safe delivery, pulse-polio campaign etc. thereby ensuring health care for the entire family.

Original Title : Aarogyam

Producer : Meerut Division, Meerut

Location : Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Media Format : Mobile/PDA

Language : English/Hindi

www :

E-Mamta: Name based Mother and Child Tracking Application

The Health and Family Welfare Department of the Government of Gujarat, has introduced a mother and child information management system called E-Mamta. The system consists of a web-based software application that tracks the health of the citizens of Gujarat with special emphasis on rural and urban slum populations. Health details of about 85 lakh families in the State, covering more than 80 percent of the total population, have been entered so far in the software’s database and unique Health IDs provided to all. The system aims at registering pregnant mothers, children in the age group 0-6 and adolescents to ensure complete delivery of Ante Natal Care (ANC), child birth, Post Natal Care (PNC), immunization, nutrition and adolescent services and to track those who are left out.

Original Title : CE-Mamta: Name based Mother and Child tracking application

Producer : State Rural Health Mission, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat

Location : Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA

Media Format : Web/Internet

Language : Gujarati and English

www :

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