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Schools of the Future

An initiative of the Indus Trust, Schools of the Future aims to design schools that can give underprivileged children a chance to transform their future. The first of these schools is already in operation. Situated on a 3- acre campus near Bangalore, Indus International Community School is based on a one-computer-per-child model where teachers from the local community, having being trained for eight months, facilitate learning. The students, who live within 5 km from the school, are provided bags, books, uniforms, stationery, mid-day meals and transport, besides child-friendly laptops. This community school is a model for these future schools, which will be all about self-learning. Traditional high-cost solutions managed by professional teachers will be replaced by small, low-cost and financially sustainable quality schools.

Original Title : Indus International Community School

Producer : Indus International Community School

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA

Media Format : Web/Internet

Language : English and State Language

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