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The Honey Bee Network is a huge database of grassroots innovation and technologies collected over a period of 15 years. It incorporates about ten thousand “green” grassroots innovations, including examples of traditional ecological and technological knowledge of farmers, artisans, pastoralists, fishermen and women, scouted from more than 4,000 villages of India and several other countries. These innovations: herbal pesticides, small machinery, veterinary medicines, soil and water conservation, organic agriculture, vegetable dyes, fishing, food processing, new plant varieties are developed by local people without any outside help. Honey Bee has also developed a touch screen interface to allow access to innovations for those without a strong working knowledge of computers.

PRODUCER Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI) :Anil Gupta
State Gujara
Platform of ProductBroadband, Online, Offilne, Print, Face to face Interaction
Title in EnglishHoney Bee Network
Language of ProductEnglish


Description of the product/project
NUDI- the Kannada script enabling software in computers is the first effort which works under Windows OS with 8-bit code (ASCII) representation. Government of Karnataka is using NUDI in all its computerization activities. Hence it has become easy for all its departments and offices to implement Kannada in their activities without any hindrance. This is significant in view of the need for free availability of Kannada script in computers and most importantly portability of information in Kannada language that originate from different offices of the government, public sector undertakings, Private enterprises and General public throughout the state of Karnataka; in fact, wherever they are. This project has been very successful in Karnataka, with the government too adopting the applications rapidly.
Contactganakaparishat@rediffmail.com, www.kagapa.org
Title in English NUDI-the Kannada Script enabling software in computers
Title in Original LanguageNUDI
Language of Product KANNADA


Description of the product/project
Marathiworld.com is a community portal for Marithi community. It is a cultural abode of Marathi and Maharashtra in the web world aimed at imbibing Marathi people together who are scattered all over the world.

It caters to the information and cultural needs of the children, youth, and all age groups alike who correlate themselves with Marathi. Every person who is inquisitive may log on to the site and search for the required information.

Marathiworld.com is the first to launch Dindharshika -World’s first e-calendar with all that you need to know for festivities of Maharashtra, Marathi culture and tradition.
PRODUCER Marathiworld.com Bhagyashree A. Kenge Vinay Hinge Anurag Kenge
STATE Maharashtra
CONTACT webmaster@marathiworld.com
Platform of Product Broadband/Online
Title in English Marathiworld.com(Community portal)
Title in Original Language Marathiworld.com
Language of Product Marathi

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