Automatic Milk Collection System

Description of the product/project
The Automatic Milk Collection System provides several advantages over the traditional manual method which was time taking and due to that the milk got spoiled. The Automatic Milk Collection System speeds up the entire process, thereby reducing the spoilage of milk. Wait time for the farmers decreases from 45 to 10 minutes. Automation of the measurements eliminates the potential for milk purchasers to misrepresent the quality of the milk and cheat farmers out of a fair price. The automated system is more transparent and minimizes the role of the collection agent, reducing the likelihood of mistakes or fraud. Far from just having economic consequences, automation gives freedom to the farmers from the burden of having to fear cheating or corruption in their daily business dealings. Physical transparency and simplicity of the process are the keys to the success of such an endeavor.

The simple technology used in this product has enabled the timely collection of milk and thus, generated higher profits for the producer, now paid well in time. A basic milk collection transaction done by AKASHGANGA comprises:

  • Measuring weight of milk with Electronic Weighing Scale
  • Fat testing using Milk-o-Tester
  • Capture of unique member ID by the PC software
  • Printing of pay slip

The MS DOS based system offers scalability for the AMC system which looks like an information-kiosk meant for citizens services.

PRODUCERShree Kamdhenu Electronics Pvt.Ltd.Sulax Shah, Sachin Shah, Alpesh Shah,Ujval Parghi

Platform of Product:Offline
Title in EnglishAutomatic Milk Collection System
Title in Original LanguageAutomatic Milk Collection System
Language of ProductEnglish/Gujarati/Marathi/Hindi

ToeHold Website

Description of the product/project
ToeHold Artisans Collaborative (TAC) is an export-oriented Group Enterprise, owned and governed by the artisans through their eleven women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs), aims to take the humble generic Kolhapuri footwear to branded ‘couture’ status in international markets. is a website designed to enable the artisans to gain access to international and national B2B footwear markets. The website has a product catalogue with more than 300 designs on display at a time. It has a webpage about the people who make these exquisite Kolhapuri fashion footwear.

This website, aimed at B2B markets, is one of the key drivers of business for the artisan enterprise. All the market interactions happen through e-mail and a marketing coordinator takes care of the communications in English. Customized designs are made for clients and in this process exchange of ideas / designs happen through digital images by e-mail – this is a boon to the largely illiterate and vernacular speaking artisans.

This unique model of Grassroots Group Enterprise, The front end of TAC is a market-focused, customer-centric and profit-driven business enterprise while the back end is an innovative social enterprise striving for improvement in the quality of life of about 400 artisan families.
PRODUCERAsian Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives (ASCENT)Madhura M Chatrapathy Hareesh B. S.Raghu K
Platform of ProductBroadband/Online
Title in EnglishToeHold Website
Language of ProductEnglish

Description of the product/project, a unique web based initiative of ITC’s International Business Division, offers the Coffee Growers of India all the information, products and services they need to enhance productivity, improve price realization and cut transaction costs. Coffee planters can access latest information on weather, scientific farming practices as well as market prices sitting at the village itself through the PlantersNet web portal which is available in English and Kannada language as well.

The initiative is bringing about a paradigm transformation in the life of the Indian farmer and enhancing competitiveness of a business enterprise. It is changing the Indian farmer into a progressive knowledge-seeking netizen, enriching him with knowledge and in the age of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) elevating him to a new order of empowerment.

Platform of ProductBroadband/Online
Title in EnglishPlantersNet
Language of ProductEnglish / Kannada

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