Original Title : Radio Bundelkhand
Media Format : FM Radio based
Website : http://www.devalt.org
Producer : Society for Development Alternatives
Language : Hindi, Bundeli
Location : Delhi, INDIA
Contact : ashukla2@devalt.org

Radio-BundelkhandRadio Bundelkhand, initiated by Development Alternatives (DA), a leading civil society organisation in India, is a community radio, based on the ideology of democracy for the community, of the community, by the community. Development Alternatives (DA), believes that community radio is a sustainable and interactive platform for dialogue for the poor and the illiterate. The radio station has a unique participatory model of programming and broadcasting and is jointly managed by the community and DA. The reporters are selected from within the community, including young girls and boys from deprived classes, who have become household names in this region. These reporters are trained in broadcast operations and audio editing techniques. They are the anchors and they report, edit and produce their own programmes.

The Jury noted that the initiative of Radio Bundelkhand, with the tagline of Apna Radio Apni Batein (Our Radio, Our Talks), covers the area of approximately 20-25 km around the station, reaching about 1.2 Lakh rural people in approximately 131 villages. It was further observed that the medium has become a vehicle for the underprivileged to be heard, be informed, to shape their knowledgeable opinion, to learn the giveand- take of informed dialogue and to become decisive agents for their own development. The Jury appreciated that Radio Bundelkhand has given the opportunity to the rural poor to develop their own local programmes and to organise discussions on matters affecting their community, thus serving the cause of community development.

Original Title : Online Ordering System for Keells Super
Media Format : Internet
Website : http://www.keellssuper.com
Producer : Four Corners Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. & Jay Kay Marketing Services
Language : English
Location : Colombo, SRI LANKA
Contact : evan@fclanka.com
Keells Super initiative is launched by Four Corners Lanka Pvt. Ltd. It is the first Sri Lankan online shopping website which allows consumers to directly buy supermarket goods and services. This website mainly targets the Sri Lankans who are living abroad and the ones living in city areas. Keellssuper.com is an e-commerce application, which allows putting orders by paying through credit cards. On the portal, products are displayed in 3 main categories. Users can select the products by using product categorization or by using its advance search option.This initiative allows users to send groceries to their loved ones in the country. This allows people to order goods and get them delivered to their door step, to the office or pick them from any specified outlet.
The Jury noted that the product is unique and allows the citizens, both local and foreigners, on line shopping from one of the largest super markets in Sri Lanka. It was noted that the project facilitates the public with purchase of quality goods at the same price as at supermarkets and get it delivered by making an order through an e commerce site. The Jury appreciated that selling products online is economical and it is fast and secure as it helps in reducing the delivery time and also the labour cost.
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