• There is no limitation regarding the platforms, cost or channels the projects work with.
  • All entries shall be real & implemented products. Pilot projects are not accepted.
  • One project shall only be submitted for one category.
  • Winning Nominees of past years cannot submit the same project again.
  • The same project can be applied again if it is not a winning entry of past years.
  • Irrespective of the product/project language, all producer and project information must be in English.
  • Separate Nomination entries shall be made in case of multiple submissions by the same organisation, company or team.
  • Any nomination form received after the last date of registration will not be entertained.
  • Any partially filled/not filled registration form will be rejected.
  • Nomination form shall be submitted either online or offline (via mail), however we recommend you to choose online method to take the advantage of update/editing filled information.
  • No Modifications shall be accepted in Offline (via email or hard copy) sent forms. They shall be considered as final once sent to Secretariat. However, if you would like to update your form, please fill online form as a fresh entry to the nominations.
  • Any applicant shall receive an acknowledgement mail to their email address after submitting the Nomination form successfully.
  • Using the URL mentioned & the provided information in the Acknowledgement mail, applicant should login again to attach the relevant Video or PPT about the project.
  • Please note that either a PPT or a small video about the project is a mandatory requirement of the Nomination form.
  • Any applicant may edit/modify the details in the Nomination form till the last date of accepting the Nomination form using their credentials.
  • The fields marked mandatory in nomination forms are necessary to fill by the nominee.
  • Any Nomination entry without Video or PPT shall be considered as incomplete entry & will not be counted for the final stage of Jury Evaluation.
  • PPT/Video regarding your project is a must to give a clear view of your work. It is not required to be a High Definition/Professional video.
  • Every Applicant is required to send the Device/instrument (in case have extra specific technical requirements to use) for the purpose of Jury, to the Manthan Award office address before the last date of closing the nomination. The device will be returned back to the concern after the Manthan Award Jury 2013.
  • The entry will not be considered if any nominee fails to submit the entire details of the nomination forms till the last date of Nomination.
  • A Nominee shall consider the following documents to send with the completed nomination form-
    • Presentation (covering information about the project they have applied for) [Mandatory]
    • Logo of the project [Mandatory]
    • Video on the project [optional]
    • Letter of Acknowledgement/Letter of appreciation [if any] by any recognized entity
    • Brief profile of Producer[optional]
    • Screenshots of website, images, real site photos
  •  All materials received during the judging process will remain confidential & will not be shared with any external entity without the consent of the concerned person.
  • All the materials received [PPTs, Videos, screenshots, photos etc.] during the nomination can be used by Manthan Award Secretariat to produce any internal or winning project information/knowledge videos.
  •  Evaluation Criteria: Nomination forms must be filled out entirely. Judging will be scored on:
    • Quality of Content & Services
    • Impact & Sustainability
    • Ease of Use: Functionality & Navigation
    • Accessibility
    • USP & Strategic Value
    • Technology Infrastructure
    • Approach & Implementation
    • Overall Experience

[All Submissions for products/services MUST be on-ground. No ideas/Business plans are eligible in the Manthan Award.]

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