Most Innovative Nomination, 2009


Mango_AwardThe Mango Application Framework is designed specifically for terminal devices with limited memory and processing capabilities. It brings along a rich set of PC-based tools that assist in user interface design and application development. As a virtue of the above, the time-to-market is significantly reduced. This platform enables these phones to acquire  functionality that would otherwise not be supported in this segment of phones and enables them with “Application on Demand” scenario for this segment. This results in additional benefits for their customers as they can develop applications suited to the customer’s specific needs.


There is no questioning the transformative powers of the mobile phone as a vehicle of social change and social outreach. From simple communication and messaging to advanced agricultural and medical applications, the mobile phone is taking technology to people in pockets which were inaccessible before. But what if these phones, the very instruments of transformation themselves, were inaccessible? Mango’s idea is simple. Create an interface for mobile phones that gives even the cheapest handsets the ability to function like pricier top of the line multimedia enabled phones. It is an idea which has huge implication for digital inclusion. A phone with Mango suddenly has the ability to give even the poorest user a digital window of opportunity.


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