Project Title : Youth Ki Awaaz
Organisation : Youth Ki Awaaz
Website : 
Facebook :
Twitter : @YouthKiAwaaz
Youth Ki Awaaz, an online and mobile platform is a citizen media initiative for young people to express themselves. The portal is striving to transform the media landscape through opinions contributed by the youth, and by making use of online and mobile journalism, social and new media tools.
    • India’s largest online platform for young people to voice themselves on issues
    • Opinions by young people are amplified throughout social media
    • Average 5,000 views per article
    • The Youth Ki Awaaz Internship program mentors about 30 participants over the course of 8 weeks on skills to express and address issues better through social media

  • The portal also runs campaigns which aims to open doors for those who care to engage with the powerful, social and relevant organizations
  • Reaches out to nearly 200,000 young Indians every month and receive 6 million hits on the website
  • World Summit Youth Award, 2010; the United Nations ITU Young Innovators Competition, 2012; Best Community Blog in India, by Indi Blogger 2013
Project Title : Human Welfare Association – MAHILA SHAKTI
Website :
Human Welfare Association works with underserved, disadvantaged and minority communities of Varanasi through education, literacy and livelihood by mobilising them through word of mouth, social networking, mobile SMS and by holding group meetings.1000 women participated in Mahila Shakti project through 40 education centers in 20 villages.
  • Human Welfare Association’s project Mahila Shakti aims to facilitate the proper use of ICT for sensitization, training and functional education facilities
  • HWA helps its women members with personality development, decision making process
  • HWA works with deprived and marginalized community women in rural area of Varanasi in 53 villages
  • HWA provides means and capacity for the beneficiaries’ livelihood with socio-economic and political empowerment
  • 1000 women participated in Mahila Shakti project through 40 education centers in 20 villages
  • Additional 1000 women will soon be integral part of the federation from 20 nearby villages of education centre
  • HWA has initiated block level networking with government education officials to build community rapport
  • Mahila Shakti initiative has started the Instructive

    radio instruction (IRI) program for learning English to educate Muslim children

  • HWA has formed more than 100 women Self-help groups
  • 1024 women are associated with the organization in their education initiatives
  • HWA targets dropouts and Madarsa going children for digital literacy and English learning
Project Title : Chinh Early education web channel
Organisation : Chinh India
Website : 
CHINH in a Sanskrit word meaning “the symbol”. Chinh represents phoenix like strength, amazing culture, unassuming life skills and humane traditions of India – an initiative to reposition local in global. Chinh supports social initiatives promoting causes of children and marginalised nomadic communities through harnessing traditional wisdom, art and culture and rediscovering them in contemporary contexts. Chinh’s social media presence including associated blogs and video channels has recorded upward of 400,000 page views.
    • Chinh Early Education Web Channel’s prime focus is to create media space for quality children programming
    • Through Early Education Web Channel, Chinh showcase to the world a new grammar of social change happening in deep layers of remote corners
    • Regular programming of Chinh includes Rural Media Literacy and Children Voices on various children issues, among others
    • Chinh’s 70 percent of the children programming on the web channel is produced by the children themselves

  • Chinh regularly organises Chinh India Festival as a media literacy campaign in urban and rural India, mobilising children to participate and make digital videos
  • Chinh’s Web channel is seen in 87 countries
  • Chinh’s social media presence including associated blogs and video channels has recorded upward of 400,000 page views
  • Chinh produces audio visual based curriculum as e-learning tool
Project Title : Vidya Poshak
Organisation : Vidya Poshak
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @vidyaposhak
Vidya Poshak aims to provide financial assistance to meritorious students who cannot afford to continue their higher education.
The program guides and trains the students towards achieving excellence. More than 12,600 students have been assisted in 19 districts of Karnataka and five districts of Maharashtra.
    • Collaborates with institutions with similar objectives
    • Vidya Poshak is the brain behind the initiative
    • The Nurture Merit program includes financial assistance, library facilities and residential bridge camp
    • Areas of operation are Karnataka and Maharashtra
    • 12,600 students have been assisted in 19 districts of Karnataka and five districts of Maharashtra
    • Resources are generated through individual donors and private organizations
    • The Career Readiness initiative is provided as a free service to youth of Karnataka

  • Vidya Poshak has invested Rs.12.25+ crores.
  • 600 volunteers across 23 districts render their passionate services totally free
  • Centre for Development of Soft Skills (C-DOSS) – a training wing to established to reinforce soft skills
  • C-DOSS trained 60,000 students, 3466 Teachers and 3834 Employees from more than 300 institutes

Project Title : Peoples Movement for Drought Affecteds using Social Media
Organisation : Drought Help Group, Pune
Website : 
Facebook :

‘People’s Movement to Help Drought Affected’ links urban donors and drought affected villagers directly for long-term social impact with
transparency,impact with transparency, accountability using social media. Helps drought affected people by donating water tanks, channelizing the blockages in streams and removing mud from village common ponds.
    • Began its journey in February 2013
    • The Group has shed light on civilian issues through Facebook campaigns, posters, distributing handbills, explaining the gravity of the drought
    • They also organise plays that depict drought with signature campaigns
    • The initiative communicates in Hindi, Marathi and English
    • The help group operates in 8 districts of Maharashtra

  • The campaign has distributed sanitary napkins to adolescent girls due to unavailability of water and hygiene facilities
  • They also provide feeds to animals by setting up animal camps in urban water available zones
  • The group doesn’t charge for any kind of services neither does it accept donations. It functions on a sustainably built networked ecosystem
  • Till date helped with more than Rs. 82, 00,000 of funds directly from donor to needy
Project Title : India Untravelled
Organisation : Roads Untravelled Pvt Ltd
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @IndiaUntraveled
India Untravelled is a quest to help travellers discover a side of India that not many people have experienced before. Their destinations lie in rural parts of India with untouched natural beauty, where hospitality comes innately to the people and a traditional, earthy way of life can be experienced. India Untravelled is a social enterprise that also aims to bridge the digital marketing gap between socially responsible tourism in rural parts of India, and urban travellers looking for authentic travel experiences.
  • India Untravelled has an influential fan following on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and informal channels like blogs.
  • India Untraveled introduces travellers to the opportunity of interacting closely with village communities and traditional craftsmen.
  • The Nurture Merit program includes financial assistance, library facilities and residential bridge camp.
  • India Travelled enables its followers and customers to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life and unwind amid nature, in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Through India Untravelled, your travel experiences would be affordable, accessible, experiential and responsible.
  • Majority of India Untravelled followers of social media belong to urban cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and the USA
  • India Untravelled business model is based on revenue sharing between lead generators, service providers and themselves
  • India Untravelled reinvests its revenues back in making their partnerships networks bigger .
  • India Untravelled is constantly increasing the travel trails and packages as their growth strategy
  • India Untravelled wishes to source a social grant to help expand their team and marketing reach
    • 4500 people follow Indian Untravelled on Facebook
    • The male – female ratio of followers of India Untravelled on Facebook is 55:45 percent.
  • It is the youth between 25 to 35 years of age that follows India Untravelled.
Project Title : Wild Blossoms Project
Organisation : Wild Blossoms Band
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @wild_blossoms
The Wild Blossoms Project works to bring World Music together through the Digital Media Platforms like web, video and social media
    • Reaches out to people who cannot afford expensive studio or video recordings.
    • Takes advantage of digital platforms to reach higher audiences.
    • Fulfils the musical dreams of unknown talents .
    • The organisation fights for women empowerment, animal rights and human rights .
    • Creates awareness amongst the masses against all the cruel acts through the universal language of music.
    • Majority of India Untravelled followers of social media belong to urban cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and the USA

  • Educating people with the help of Social Media Platforms, Mobile and Internet technologies
    • Only present in the virtual world with no borders
    • World’s First Internet Girl Band
  • The project has been listed in the Limca Book of Records for their Music Special Edition.
Project Title : Youth Incorporated
Organisation : Splash Publication Pvt Ltd
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @YouthIncMag
Youth Incorporated, is a monthly magazine that offers a dual focus on education and entertainment, encompassing career and lifestyle stories and catering to the aspirations of youth. Their topics of coverage range from careers and entrepreneurship to fashion beauty, technology, health & fitness, food, sports and so on. With amazing social media following, the magazine has created a community of youth aspiring positive change.
  • Dual focus of the magazine is on education and entertainment.
  • Encompasses career and lifestyle stories
  • Catering to the ambitions of today’s youth
  • Articles on education in India and abroad
  • Covers campus reviews, student profiles, professor interviews
  • Strong focus on careers and entrepreneurship
  • Readership is 300,000
  • Facebook likes is more than 154,000
  • Print distribution is 55,000 copies per month
  • Available online also
  • Revenue sources are advertisements and subscription chanrges
  • “Youth and social media are synonymous with each other”
  • “Social media is an effective barometer of what is trending amongst the youth. It is a quick and instantaneous medium of feedback.”
Project Title : madamletmetellyouonething
Organisation : Scully of Rethink Retreats
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :
‘Madam Let Me Tell You One Thing’ is a blog by Liz Scully, an Irish lady, raised in England, now living in Bangalore. The blog voices the opinions about the life of a confused and amused Irish girl in India.
  • Launched in 2011
  • Blog discusses with readers anything and just about everything Liz experiences in her life.
  • Topics of discussion: fake dusting by maids, dodgy cab drivers or cows parked in line with bikes munching on hay.
  • It’s purely to entertain and people also find it amusing.
  • Punch line of the blog: The quirky joys of Indian English.
  • Worldwide readership from India, UK, USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Won Indi-Blogger IBA award 2013 in the best blog written by a non-Indian.
Project Title : Chai with Lakshmi
Organisation : Red Bangle
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @ChaiwithLakshmi
Chai with Lakshmi brings refreshing video conversations with people and on ideas that are positively shaping India for the future. The show delivers
contemporary,informative and interesting conversations with ordinary people having extraordinary pursuits with experts and with smart thinkers. Web and social media is major channel of broadcasting.
    • Provides meaningful and relatable infotainment
    • Supported by articles, stories and recipes for Chai Time

  • Have 1647 You Tube subscribers
  • 4866 Facebook likes
  • 930 Twitter Followers
  • Started in July, 2011 by Lakshmi Rebecca
  • Over100 episodes and 2.5 million views
  • India’s longest running talk show
  • Lakshmi Rebecca received the Woman Innovator Award
Project Title :
Website :
Facebook :
Dehradun is a portal on football. It delivers news on local football, information about coming football championship, announcements
about new courses in football and player profile. They also interact with leading football clubs of India to invite localplayers for selection and trials in their clubs. The team also conducts tours for foreign football coaches in Dehradun.
    • India’s first website dedicated to city football
    • Promotes local football on Internet
    • Brainchild of two football lovers Rohit Goyal and Raju Gusain
    • Completed eight years on Internet in 2013
    • Majority of the users are based in Uttarakhand
    • Facebook group has 999 members
    • A four member team gives their voluntary service for the web venture

  • Manages website on their own cost. Do not take any sponsorship or donation for operating the website
  • The team plans to file a series of RTI application with AIFF to pressurize them to disaffiliate state associations that are not conducting state leagues and activities in 70 percent of their district units
  • Dehradun league became the first district league of the country to feature on All India Football Federation website.
Project Title :
Organisation : Focus kids Communication Pvt ltd
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @WorldooIndia
Worldoo is brainchild of Focus Kids, a Mumbai based company that creates engagement-led experiences for kids across online and offline mediums vis-à-vis internet, schools, out-of-home, entertainment. They have created India’s first dedicatedly designed world for kids on the internet
    • Platform for 6-12 year olds with all their favorite content in one place
    • Specially designed for kids of that age group
    • For explorative kids and sceptical parents
    • Pan-India presence

  • Contains all useful information for kids
  • Used to make new friends and stay in touch
  • Allows the privileged kids to help underprivileged kids
  • Worldoo has managed to get Cartoon Network, National Geographic, Jeff Corvin Connect, Sentosa Island Singapore, Sony Pictures & Universal Films as content partners
Project Title : GoUNESCO Travel Challenge
Organisation : GoUNESCO
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @GoUNESCO
Go UNESCO makes traveling fun by an online challenge. The idea is to promote visiting UNESCO world heritage sites across the world. Go UNESCO combines the best aspects of offline experiences with an online game
    • A community driven activity
    • Has a global appeal and challenges participant from all over the world
    • Encourages people to travel World Heritage sites
    • Appeals to a younger crowd and encourages heritage travel
    • Believes that awareness is the first step to conservation and preservation

  • More than 500 people are travelling around the world on the Go UNESCO challenge
  • 60% of the travellers are from India and about 40% of them from Hyderabad
  • 580 fans on Facebook and nearly 300 followers on Twitter
  • Sponsored custom challenges designed for travel and tourism companies the main revenue generator for Go UNESCO.
Project Title : Flats Without Broker
Organisation : Flats Without Broker
Website :
Facebook :
Flats without Brokers is a platform for people who will help each other in getting flats on rent and paying guests accommodations without going through brokers.
The initiative aims to help people find affordable accommodation. It also aims to approach the government to make necessary reforms in the housing society rules
    • Has generated a Social Media buzz organically.
    • Fills the need for accommodation regardless of biases and middlemen’s agendas.

  • 15,825 followers on Facebook.
  • Initiative has achieved Pan-India participation.
  • It is a 100% free to use platform and self-sufficient. The group members are also volunteers who manage online posts.
  • Aims to get 1 million users and organize offline meetings.
  • Working to make the system more transparent to register by means of leave and licence agreement, police verification etc.
Project Title : SC Judgments
Organisation : AdvocateKhoj
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @SCJudgments
Advocate Khoj is a legal portal which publishes the judgments of the Supreme Court of India and publishes through social media. The initiative provides free access to the Judgments delivered by the Supreme Court of India which contains the full text with case numbers, parties name, Judges names and head notes.
  • Helps to update the legal fraternity about the day-to-day judgments delivered.
  • Brings awareness about the legal process taking place in India.
  • Daily updates.
  • Started in 2008.
  • Presently, only the Supreme Court judgments are covered.
  • Plans to introduce High Court judgments in due course.
  • 28,000 followers on Twitter.
  • More than 10,000 followers on Facebook.
Project Title : Safecity
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @pinthecreep
SAFECITY is an aggregation of crowd sourced GIS mapped occurrences of violence and harassment against women. It helps to identify locations where women have experienced or witnessed any type of sexual harassment – verbal comments, graphic behaviour and menace.
    • A first step to address the cultural stigma of reporting assaults.
    • The initiative started in December 2012.
    • The reports are listed on the site and also visually represented on a Google map.
    • A mapping platform to identify hotspots of unsafe areas.
    • A knowledge section on important numbers, laws and other practical information. Offline meeting on Sundays to focus on finding solutions for local issues.

  • The largest crowd sourced map of stories of abuse and harassment in India .
  • Engages citizens.
  • Aims to crowd source over 100,000 stories from across the country.
  • Motivate at least 50+ citizens to stand up to solve local issues.
  • Integrates with the police as an informal source of intelligence from the public.
  • Has a pan-India presence.
Project Title : Sevamob
Organistion : Sevamob
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @Sevamob
Health is the greatest of all possessions and Sevamob has taken initiative to grant primary healthcare and insurance to low income consumers 2-3-4 tier towns and cities in India.
    • Sevamob is fundamentally transforming the delivery of primary healthcare and insurance to low income consumers.
    • For just $2/month, Sevamob provides healthcare to students in schools and employees in factories and services organizations.
    • Preventive care and prescriptions are delivered on-premise by mobile clinics with the help of mobile technology.
    • For advanced care, the teams are supported by back-office specialists.
    • 24×7 call centre and a network of 3rd party service providers like hospitals, clinics, pathologists and insurance companies Launched in 2011.
    • Current subscriber base is 3000.
    • Lucknow, Kakori, MohanlalGunj and Barabanki form areas of major operations.
    • Sevamob is for-profit social enterprise with its self-sustainable business model.

  • Generates revenue via monthly subscriptions, referral fees from in-network or 3rd party service providers and technology licensing.
  • Sevamob plans to scale from 2 to 40 districts.
  • Competitive advantage: mobile clinic model has much lower capital expenditure and higher flexibility.
  • Bundling healthcare with insurance Sevamob successfully provides end-to-end care.
  • Regular health-camps are very functional and awe-inspiring.
Project Title : India Politics
Organistion : Mango Technologies
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @mangotechno
India Politics provides application and collaborative platform to discuss, evaluate and help participate in the political and democratic structure of India.
    • India Politics application gives users the exact platform to evaluate the most important Political structure of Indian Constituency.
    • India Politics offers mobile users listen to the voice of their leaders and political parties across social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and News.
    • Through India Politics application, citizen can check the results of political status of their state.
    • India Politics application and service is developed by Mango Technologies.
    • Mango Technology offers applications in many areas like Education, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Games, etc.
    • India Politics serves people who are looking for Elections dates and live feeds of results.

  • Through India Politics application, one can judge their elctrorate better and take decision who to vote for.
  • India Politics allow users to check past and upcoming elections as per constituencies.
  • IndiaPolitics App is downloaded by 16,579 Android users and 5,000 Windows Phone users.
  • India Politics is an excellent example of using Social Media as tool for revolutionizing the decision making skills of the people.
Project Title : Online Application for Registration of Private Warehouses
Organistion : M.P. Warehousing and Logistics Corporation
Website :
Facebook :
MPWLC is responsible for managing warehouses for the scientific storage of agriculture and minors forest produce, seeds, manures, fertilizers, and notified commodities offered by individuals, co-operative societies and other institutions.
MPWLC has developed a web-based system to integrate even private warehouses into the overall capacity and offer the entire facility as a joint-venture scheme. Social Media is a supporting tool for the integral service of MPWLC.
    • In January 2012 MPWLC introduced its operations on the Social Media. The model has been the first of its kind to be adopted in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
    • Through door to door extension Service Scheme, the corporation provides treatment for preservation of stocks stored in the warehouses of cultivators/traders/institutions on nominal charges.
    • Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country which has formulated warehousing and logistics policy.
    • MPWLC made innovative use of silo bags for storing food grains for the first time in India .
    • State’s storage capacity is being expanded at a cost of about Rs 1500 crore.
    • Turnover of Madhya Pradesh Warehousing and Logistics Corporation has increased 6-fold and profit 8-fold during last 5 years.
    • MPWLC ensures paperless communication and total elimination of corrupt practices.
    • MPWLC has a transparent system where in both the parties can see the activity online and the private warehouse owners get their financial transaction through bank statements.
    • A unified database of private warehouse owners has been created for future reference.

  • The online system saves time and resources and provides an efficient system for storage of food grains.
  • The system facilitates the private warehouse owners to register online, deposit a nominal fee further leading to an online inspection of the warehouses and online execution of the agreement under JV Scheme.
  • MPWLC has been implemented in all 50 Districts and 342 Tehsils of Madhya Pradesh .
  • Approximately 1,968 warehouses have been registered with MPWLC.
  • In just 3 months 32.15 Lacs of revenue has been generated.
  • The MPWLC online system is bilingual.
Project Title : Let Me Know
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @LetMeKnow
Let Me Know: Breaking the information barrier among the youth and students providing opportunities
    • Youth opportunity portal.
    • News and information on internships, scholarships, competitions, jobs, conferences, seminars, workshops.
    • Event information in the areas of technology, business, social sciences, art, design, culture, Maths, Science etc.
    • 75000 readership.

  • 150,000 page views.
  • 550,000 visits on webpages.
  • 50% of visitors come through search engines.
  • Organically grooming and self-sustaining.
  • Volunteers and part timers run the organization.
  • Conferred Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2013.
  • 36,330 followers on Facebook.
Project Title : CRY Click Rights 2013
Organization: CRY Click Rights 2013
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :@CRYINDIA
CRY Click Rights is an annual photojournalism campaign reaching out to citizens and asking them to capture photographs on why children of India are out of school. These photographs are used in backing the efforts of CRY to uplift the awareness about the Right to Education.
    • Enables people to take responsibility of the deprived Indian child.
    • Motivate to seek resolution through individual and collective action .
    • Believes that the sustainable way to make change is to adopt ‘child rights approach’.
    • Looks at children issues in their entirety, rather than through the silos of education, health, child labour, child abuse and foeticide .
    • Mobilizes local communities to find long-term solutions.

  • Ensuring relevant policies that guarantee implementation of Children rights.
  • CRY Works in 23 states across India.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are used extensively.
  • Working with 200 partner NGOs.
  • Covered more than 2,000,000 underprivileged children, across 23 states in India.
Project Title : Climate Himalaya
Organistion : Prakriti
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @chimalaya
The Climate Himalaya Initiative works towards the need of closing the knowledge gap in the Himalayan region through use of ICT, by developing a network of agencies and knowledge sharing platform, strengthening the capacities of people and organizations, generating awareness and developing leadership.
  • Initiated by Prakriti, a mountain environment group based in Uttarakhand.
  • Pan-Himalayan initiative.
  • Efforts in climate adaptation and sustainable mountain development.
  • The knowledge platform contains over 5500 articles on various climate linked issues in 90 different categories.
  • Raises a voice for mountain related issues through use of Multi-media.
  • Presence: India, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan through partners’ involvement.
  • Unique knowledge networking and sharing voluntary initiative in Himalayan region.
  • Garnered good response from scientific and research communities, practitioners.
  • Also, aiming to work upon various mountain and climate focused research like vulnerability assessment, adaptation and mitigation.
  • Have network of 1200 followers on Facebook.
Project Title : Sisters Project
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @7SistersProjekt
The Seven Sisters Project enables citizens and reporters in North-East India to tell their stories to the world via an integration of mobile phones, website portal and new media, such as Facebook and Twitter. The platform combines an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system and a Facebook application to create a mobile reporting network for North-East India.
    • Aims to empower people to be the guardians of the stories of their communities.
    • Shares the positive and inspiring stories.
    • It is a voice based social media platform.
    • People can comment on stories recorded by others.

  • Target is non Internet users.
  • First introduce a mobile phone-based citizen news service in Northeast India.
  • Began in May 2013.
  • The project is working with communities in Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and North Bengal.
  • Intends to train at least 100-200 citizen journalists in Northeast.
  • Won ‘Access Now Tech Innovation Awards’ in 2012.
Project Title : 5th Pillar
Organization : 5th Pillar
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @5thpillar
5th Pillar is a non-profit organization aimed at fighting corruption in India. In 2007 5th Pillar unveiled a new means for Indians to register their refusal to participate in bribery — the “zero rupee note.” Closely patterned after the nation’s fifty rupee notes, these documents instead included
anti-corruption slogans “Eliminate corruption at all levels” and “I promise to neither accept nor give bribe.”
    • Free Right to Information (RTI) Act training.
    • Anti- corruption awareness campaigns are initiated in schools, colleges and governmental offices.
    • Mattram, a monthly magazine that specifically carries news related to bribery and corruption and anti-corruption initiatives.
    • Phone Helpline has been functioning to help citizens.

  • The website has about 2100 visits in a month.
  • The Facebook page has over 3,500+ likes.
  • 500 followers on Twitter.
  • Receives 50-70 calls every day for counselling.
  • Targets to reach 2 crore people by using online media, video conferencing, mobile anti-corruption units on wheels, awareness campaigns, workshops, installing ZRN banners, billboards etc.
  • Winner of Ashoka Change makers Global Award for ‘Citizen Media’.
Project Title :
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @ComputerSeekho aims to leverage technology and become a virtual school to learn anything & everything about Computers (from basic to advanced Level) in Hindi. The initiative has reinforcement mechanics where in exercises are supported by points and certificates which works as motivators. And, it is free!
    • Provides quality content to teach computers to Hindi speaking community.
    • Delivers customized videos online for students to watch anytime, anywhere.
    • Web page has 1,20,000 unique visitors and has delivered 6, 00,000 lessons.
    • 9,000 lessons are delivered every month.

  • The Facebook page has garnered 1,728 likes.
  • 1,558 have subscribed to You Tube channel.
  • Schools & NGOs make use of Technology to help deliver online real-time lectures in Hindi.
  • The website has been accessed across 139 countries, and in India from 188 cities.
Project Title : Ethinos Digital Marketing
Organization : Olympicgolquest
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @SiddHegde
“India Cheers Loud and Clear” uses online platform to identify emerging athletes and raise funds for them with Olympic medal winning potential. The campaign is being steered by Olympic Gold Quest, with an objective to help Indian athletes win more Olympic medal. ICLC has more than one million social media followers
    • Online engagement of fans through various activities like contests, quizzes, live chats, etc..
    • Brings about a positive change by providing training, exposure to the international sports arena.
    • Does funding of coaching, dieticians, physiotherapists to support Indian athletes with potential to win medals at the Olympics.
    • Share stories to motivate Indians to be driven by a common cause.
    • Has created a 1,100,000+ community of sports enthusiasts.

  • Campaign has four key parts: brand building, generating contributions, promoting the Olympic Games, and setting stage for future champions.
  • Leveraged support of celebrities for the sports.
  • Engaging in conversations on Twitter.
  • By building and managing the corporate presence and the presence of 16 Indian Olympians including Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Gagan Narang and Vijay Kumar on Facebook.
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