M-Content Winner – 2008

Cell Bazaar

It is truly a cell bazaar at your service from Bangladesh. The service allows buyers and sellers to meet in a mobile marketplace. Sellers post items, buyers view them, and contact sellers. Nearly more than 20 million users can access this service to buy any agricultural product, such as rice, fish, chicken, as well as large scale purchases like apartment, land, car, and consumer goods such as TV, fridge, etc. People can also offer services such as tutoring, repair, video, etc. CellBazaar brings the buyer and seller to point of transaction. At the final stages, buyer speaks to seller, agrees on terms, and meets them in person to transfer cash and take delivery of the good. When mobile payment is integrated into the system, buyer can complete the entire transaction from the mobile.

In highly populated South Asian countries, interestingly, mobile is reaching out to more people than any other ICT tools. Creating bazaar on mobiles and offering transaction services on cellular network could be a great leveler if the content, services and transactions are seamless and painless. Cell Bazaar in Bangladesh seems to have been succeeded in providing buyers and sellers market place on mobiles. CellBazaar provides a birds-eye view of the entire market for sellers and buyers. Those lacking capital for brick-and-mortar structures learn about CellBazaar through word-of-mouth networks and then set up shop on mobile phones. This allows them to bypass the middlemen, weakens the power of syndicates, and pushes the market towards efficient prices. By enabling micro-market makers, this service empowers small businesses.

Kamal S. Quadir
Grameenphone CIC



88 171 3049386



English & Bengali & Visual GUI

Url:  corp.cellbazaar.com

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