Jurors Encouragement, Winner 2013

 Project Title : ഇ-കൃഷിപാഠശാല (Juror’s Encouragement)
 Category : E-Agriculture and Ecology
 Producer : Kerala Agricultural University
 Website : celkau.in

e-Krishi-PatashalaAn ICT enabled platform for demand-driven technology, information and advisory service for farmers, extensionists, researchers, students and other stakeholders of the agriculture front. It is the “learning in which Information and Communication Technology is used to promote connections: between one learner and other learners, between learners and tutors; between a learning community and its learning resources.

The e-Krishi Patashala does the following function in online courses: It registers learners, main-tains course schedule, communicates it to the users, delivers courses and conducts assessment of the users as well as content, records their test scores, tracks progress and gives reports on its basis. Networked learning is a process of developing and maintaining connections with people and informing, and communicating in such a way so as to support one another’s learning. Blended learning in the e-Krishi Patasala provides a ‘good’ mix of technologies and interactions, resulting in a socially supported, constructive, learning experience. It is facilitated by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning, and is based on transparent communication amongst all parties involved with a course.


• To combine various pedagogical approaches to produce an optimal learning outcome with or without instructional technology;
• To combine any form of instructional technology with face-to-face instructor-led training.
• To mix or combine instructional technology with actual job tasks in order to create a harmo-nious effect of learning and working. The community of learners could interact at anytime and anywhere because of the benefits that computer-mediated educational tools provide.


 Project Title : Sri Lanka Puravidiyawa (Juror’s Encouragement)
 Category : e-Culture and Tourism
 Producer : archaeology.lk

Sri-Lankan-ArchaeologySri Lanka Archaeology website creates a buzz about the country’s archaeology and archaeological information at national and international level. It also creates database of research papers and abstracts related to Sri Lankan Archaeology. The majority of users are from 20-35 age group and most of them are university undergraduates or graduate students. Other users are Sri Lankans, who are living abroad.
The website launched by archaeology.lk team has been functioning on a voluntary basis for nearly four years, bringing articles and information on archaeological and historical studies re-garding the past of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan archaeology uses modern amplification technology and methodology, creating latest system of knowledge on the past. The website creates awareness among people working and studying Archaeology. It aims to publish e-journal and publications re-lated to national heritage.
The publications would give, not only knowledge regarding archaeology but viewers also will get an opportunity to use the print media in their studies, when internet facilities are not available. It is important that the facility is available free of charge and viewers too have the opportunity to get their articles relevant to the subjects discussed and published on various forums in the site. This facility has given amateur researchers as well as students an important opportunity to publish their essays, articles and theses. Those who are not directly attached to archaeology or history sub-jects have also been given an opportunity to experience and enjoy the subject of archaeology.


Project Title : Health Management Information Systems
Category : e-Health
Producer : Tamilnadu Health Systems Project, Department of Health & Family Welfare,Govt. of Tamilnadu.

HMISHealth Management Information System ‘HMIS’ is acombination of Information Technology and Management Systems, to deliver evidence based health care. Health Management Information System also provides information based support for the decision making and implementation of cutting-edge reforms by the health administrators of the state. Currently, the projects cover 1614 Primary Health Centers, 267 Secondary Care Hospitals and 47 Tertiary Care Hospitals including 19 Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu.
The project lays emphasis on providing an efficient health care system that is accessible, and eq-uitable, based to the socio economically under privileged disadvantaged group and tribal pop-ulation. It delivers evidence based health care to the public by using a judicious combination of information technology and hospital management systems. It also provides information based sup-port for implementation of reforms by health administrators and policy makers.

Prior to the implementation of HMIS, in government hospitals, patient records were entered manually and maintenance of manual records were time consuming and inaccurate. Monthly re-ports were sent as hard copy and this remains as a challenge for data compiling and analysis, also no real time data for monitoring the hospitals were available, and drugs and equipment inventory were inaccurate. HMIS eases this process and gives the Tamilnadu Health Care system a significant leverage in efficient management across the entire state,

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