Category: E-Travel & Tourism, Finalist 2011
Explore Dhaka
Original Title : Explore Dhaka
Media Format : Mobile app based
Website :
Producer : 3rd Eye Lab
Language : English
Location : Dhaka, BANGLADESH
Contact :
Explore Dhaka is an application developed on android platform and prepared with the best care to make it user friendly. JAVA is the core language to develop this application. There are several categories and sub- categories exist on this application to make the search in order to find out the required places/utilities. GPS system is used to locate the position of the user and user can find out the distance and direction of the nearest utilities from their position using this application. Alternatively user can manually enter their location and check out the nearby utilities to find out their desired places. User can also rate any business so that others can know about the condition of the utilities. User can also add places/utilities on this application.
The Jury observed that the solution is free to use and user just needs to download the application from Android market. It was also observed that the traveller from abroad can be the targeted user of this application and people from abroad may get the highest benefit from this application.
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