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Original Title : Transformer Protection from Unauthorized Person
Media Format : Multiple
Producer : Engr. Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury
Language : English
Location : Dhaka, BANGLADESH
Contact :

Transformer-protectionThis project, designed by Engr. Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhry of Bangladesh, aims to protect the single-phase transformers from unauthorized people. The felt need for the project is due to growth in recent times, in the thefts reported of electrical transformers. In the design, a circuit is connected to the Transformer, which when tampered with, sends a signal to the Control room. The device continues to work even in times of load shedding, since the circuit is connected with a device to provide power backup. If any unauthorized person tries to disconnect the transformer to steal it, then a signal is sent to the Central Control Room or the Local Control Room to the person In-charge of that area. The project utilizes Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) system for transmitting signals to the Control Rooms. Currently Rural Electrification Board (REB) of Bangladesh is using the project and they have been satisfied with the results.

The Jury noted the uniqueness of the project and appreciated its benefit for the people residing in rural areas like farmers, fisher-men etc. It was also noted that the project helps the Government of Bangladesh to save their National Resources from being stolen. It was appreciated that the project has applied for a Patent in the DPDT, Ministry of Industries (Government of Bangladesh). The Jury also observed that the Agency Rural Electrification Board is already using this project and has given a positive feedback. It was also appreciated that the project has been recognised in other technology circles and has been awarded for its uniqueness.

Original Title : Mihimandala NSF Science Magazine on TV
Media Format : TV based
Website :
Producer : National Science Foundation
Language : Sinhala, Tamil, English
Location : Colombo, SRI LANKA
Contact :

Mihimandala-magazineMihimadala is a NSF (National Science Foundation) Science Magazine on TV which consists of a series of video programmes telecasted over the National channels with an objective to create a knowledge based society who would understand the basics of current science and technology and its effective utilization in their daily activities. The target audience of this TV programme would be the general public including children, housewives, farmers and other working communities. The production was initiated in the year 2005. The scientific content for the programmes was provided by the experts in the relevant areas, identified by the NSF. Throughout the production these resource persons have been actively involved in the preparation of the technical script in collaboration with the production house, evaluation of the programme and approving the final product. The product comes in conventional VCD and DVD formats. This product can be simply viewed by a VCD/DVD player or a computer with a relevant media player.

The Jury observed that the information contained in the DVDs is simple to understand by anyone without much effort and the same has been presented in an attractive manner with most of the times information have been supported with relevant visuals for better understanding. The Jury appreciated that the informal and audience friendly presentation techniques would generate higher level of interest. It was also noted that the 13 programmes on Tsunami, Landslides, Floods & Droughts, Lightning and Thunder, Cyclones & Tornadoes, First Aids, Organic Farming, Pesticides, Rainwater Harvesting, Post harvest Technology, Careers in Science, NSF and Nanotechnology in major languages of Singhalese, Tamil and English produced so far, were selected from a wide variety of scientific subjects relevant to common people in Sri Lanka. The Jury felt that this initiative would greatly promote general curiosity on scientific matters among common public.
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