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Project Title : e-safeT
Category : e-Science and Technology
Producer : Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

eSafeTe–safeT provides end to end infrastructure for monitoring lifesaving perishable items like blood and medicines. The end application has played an important role in hospitals for tracking of blood bags and temperature sensitive medicines, cold chains for tracking of food item, and cold chains for vaccines. In Rajasthan, so far around 5 lakh blood bags are issued to attendants of the patients that are monitored with e-safeT.

Developed by C-DAC Noida, E-safeT is a compact, ultra-low power data logger consisting of a high resolution temperature sensor, memory, visual indicators and wireless link. This can be used to track the thermal history of the items (Vaccine, Blood bags, Medicines, Perishable goods, and other temperature sensitive items), while in storage or in transit. The wireless link is used for location stamping at key transit points. e-safeT software is a smart Windows based software pack-age that is included with every e-safeT data logger. It allows for easy setup, retrieval, interpretation and export of the recorded data. With finalisation of 12th Plan outlay, Health Ministry is aiming to roll out its ambitious project for provision of free medicines to all at public health facilities across the country.


  • The fitness for usage of blood and temperature sensitive medicines is immediately ascertained by the user and concerned authorities.
  • Immediate corrective actions have been taken by concerned authorities to prevent spoilage of life saving medicines and blood.
  • The spoilage due to failure of Walk in coolers is also prevented.

Project Title : Onama
Category : e-Science and Technology
Producer : Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

OnamaOnama is a computer-based cluster solution that enables engineering students to use high performance computing (HPC). Onama has been designed by C-DAC. Currently 4700 engineering students, faculties and research scholars are using this service.
Launched by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Onama consists of a number of accelerator enabled applications in several domains namely molecular dynamics, bio-informat-ics, life sciences and physics. Most of the tools and applications reduce the learning curve. It also provides access to various libraries like parallel libraries, performance libraries and engineering domain specific libraries that can be used to develop programs to solve problems. Till date, Onama has been deployed at three private Engineering colleges in India. Onama has also been adopted by various centers in Ghana, Tanzania, Vietnam, Armenia and Kazakhstan. Features: Low cost state-of-the-art supercomputing cluster; Set of software programming envi-ronment including OS, Tools; Indigenously developed Onama software; Remote support facility; ‘How to use Supercomputing’ Manuals.


  • Enhanced employability in the industry by creation of supercomputing ready professionals.
  • A new avenue for recruiters to absorb HPC skilled quality manpower globally.
  • Bridges the gap between scientific/technical education and industry requirements.
  • Concrete platform as a basic building block to initiate inclusion of supercomputing as a part of scientific curriculum.
  • Serves as a tool for creation of a nationwide social interest group around supercomputing.
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