e-News & Media, Finalists 2012

Project Title : News4education, Shiksha News
Category : e-News & Media
Producer : ADS Media Pvt. Ltd.

Started in 2011, it is a bilingual web portal, daily newspaper, and e-paper. This is the first and
only bilingual newspaper and complete bilingual website on education covering the entire educational sector since up to date there is no daily newspaper covering education in English and Hindi. Before the inauguration Hindi medium students had nooption to receive news related to education at one place from India. The program intended to fill the gap. Overtime the initiative has become very popular among students,parents,teachers, educational Institutions, et al.The business model applied is very simple. Through Mobile apps the model also supplies content to mobile users to earn revenue. As per rough estimate there are more than 5 million educational institutions in India. If the portal captures only 2 visitor from each institution,the site will have about1 crore visitors a day which means almost 5 crore page views a day, amounting to 1.5billion page views a month.

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