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pujee Name of Project: Pujee Platform
Project Website: www.pujee.org
Name of Organization: Pujee
Organization Website: www.pujee.org

Online platform to help Bangladeshi start-ups raise funds

Pujee PlatformLaunched in October 2014, Pujee is a social venture that helps entrepreneurs in Bangladesh to raise funds through online tools, content and capacity building events. The organisation also organises pitching sessions connecting young ventures with established investors and potential mentors. The Pujee online platform (www.pujee.org) allows entrepreneurs to prepare early stage financials and value their ventures by answering 12-13 key questions. Entrepreneurs can register in the Pujee platform after which they are routed to the valuation engine. After answering these questions, the system generates five-year projected financials and estimated company valuation. The system allows multiple iterations with varying assumptions for different variables such as sales growth, overheads, inflation etc. The platform also hosts a robust resource section which has video lectures and blog content for disseminating knowledge on effective fund raising. The platform is entirely free and entrepreneurs can use the valuation tool while showcasing their start-ups in the platform. The platform intends to build a database for early stage ventures and investors which will strengthen the eco-system by ensuring greater connectivity among relevant stakeholders. While early stage entrepreneurs and ideapreneurs get directly benefitted with relevant content and early stage financial tools, investors such as venture capitalists and angel investors can also benefit as they can use the tool for due diligence efforts. Investors can also look into featured start-ups which have already registered. The platform is bilingual with valuation engine in two major languages — English and Bengali — to allow entrepreneurs less conversant in English to fully utilise the platform. Since the launch of the platform, more than 300 entrepreneurs have registered and over 1,000 entrepreneurs have received training offline from Pujee co-founders through partnership events. Start-ups using the platform have raised approximately $ 5,50,000 from investors.

DuBROOName of Project: Dubroo
Project Website: www.dubroo.com
Name of Organization: Dubroo
Organization Website: www.dubroo.com

Software tool for dubbing existing videos into other languages

DubrooLaunched in January 2015, Dubroo Video is a platform where people come to dub videos to other languages. It provides unique and friendly tools to make video voice in all languages a reality. Let it be your cousin’s math tutorial being dubbed to Hindi or an inspirational video that you want to do for your friends in Tamil. Be it a non-profit or a mighty big corporation, Dubroo will enable you to dub videos into whatever language you want so that more people understand what you have to say. Dubroo is the world’s first crowdsourcing platform for dubs. Like Wikipedia crowd sources text for topics, Dubroo crowd sources audio for existing online videos. Educated online people dub videos into local languages on Dubroo’s website — they are one group of users. The other group is the rural population, specifically students, when it comes to classroom education. Autodesk is using Dubroo for a pilot programme in its efforts to localise content. Dubroo has also signed an MOU with Zaya Learning Labs (featured in this compendium) so that the content created on Dubroo’s online platform can reach the students in need. So far, Dubroo has delivered about 20 dubbed Khan Academy videos that will be put up on Zaya boxes for students to learn in their local languages. At present, around 3,000 people from various countries visit the website every month. Some of them dub content and some watch useful dubbed content. Dubroo has three major revenue streams. B2B customers pay for implementation of the Dubroo software tool in their organisation. Customers/companies can outsource their localisation jobs to dubbers on its website. Dubroo earns revenue through transaction fees on its platform. It also earns from advertisment revenues on social media platforms like YouTube.

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