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‘The Kannada version of LOGO is being used to teach programming logic to kids. The local version of LOGO is intended to spread computer education in villages and help students develop the thinking and analysing powers in Kannada while making provisions of applying the keywords in Kannada. It is a programming language at the school level that will tap into this potential and hone student’s skills, especially in rural areas. Kannada version of Logo is a simple tool to help children understand programming.

India has made rapid strides in IT but the benefits of ICT have not reached the rural populace. One core reason is the language issue because computers speak English but the Indian villagers do not. All over the world people use LOGO to teach programming logic to kids. Giving some respite is the Kannada version of LOGO that is intended to spread the use of computers in villages in Kannada language. The product is assisting students to develop the thinking and anlysing powers in Kannada, the program uses the keywords in Kannada, which will enhance the computer education in the villages.

ORGANISATIONVishva Kannada Softech

CONTACTDr U B Pavanaja, 080-23309693
TECHNOLOGY/MEDIUMOffline Application


Product Description
‘Azhagi (www.azhagi.com) is one-stop software for ALL Tamil computing needs. It is a complete solution for DTP, Emailing, Chatting and Website creation – in Tamil. It is an unique combination of Innovation, User Friendliness and Sophistication, Azhagi hosts a first-of-its-kind ‘DUAL SCREEN’ Transliterator. It supports Direct Transliteration/Typing in ALL Windows applications. Azhagi is a product which caters to the needs of all classes of people and business entities, to help them compute in Tamil easily and quickly, thereby enhancing the overall productivity levels.

For any Indian language transliteration software, the ‘English to Indian Language’ key-mappings are the foundation on which everything else should be built around. Azhagi simply excels in its English-to-Tamil Key’ mappings, thus standing on a firm foundation. Azhagi is “Different” and “Special”. A Unique combination of Innovation, User’ Friendliness and Sophistication, Azhagi hosts a first-of-its-kind ‘DUAL SCREEN’ Transliterator. Azhagi is Unicode-powered and user can choose between Unicode and Tscii input in external applications. With the power of Unicode, one can do sophisticated Tamil computing like ‘Tamil Search and Replace’, ‘Tamil Sorting’, etc. – directly in MS Word, Excel, and Access etc.


CONTACTB. Viswanathan, 044-42024669contact@azhagi.com

Multilingual Software

Product Description
‘The Project relates to Software development tool- Multilingual Software, for computer applications supporting user interfaces in Indian languages. The tools provide for SW development in a uniform manner across all the Indian languages including Urdu. Applications developed and deployed for use include resources for visually handicapped persons to use computers effectively. The product is a easy to avail technology module for utility purpose as per own cultural and social settings.

Creating a software development tool, especially a Multilingual Software, for computer applications supporting user interfaces in Indian languages have remained a gigantic tasks in terms of ICT use. The Systems Development Laboratory, Dept of Computer Science, IIT Madras have tried its mettle on this front and with success. A variety of software applications have been developed by the Lab for multilingual users like: multilingual text and document preparation packages under different operating systems; Indian language based command processors which are similar to a DOS or UNIX shell and many more.
STATETamil Nadu
CONTACTR. Kalyana Krishnan, 044-22574355 rkk@acharya.iitm.ac.in
LANGUAGEAll Indian languages

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