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Resource Centre for Visually Challenged

Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged was begun by the Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged and Rotary Club of Cochin Global (RCG) to provide a platform where the visually challenged could be exposed to the world of computers and prepared to become gainfully employed in the future. The centre houses 10 computers supported with screen reader software and other software including Talking Typing Teacher Software, Scanning and Reading Software, Magic Screen Magnification Software etc. The modules covered consist of mobility training skills, IT training – keyboard handling, basic computer knowledge and so on, English communication, personality development and confidence building. Through this effort, the RCG SRVC Foundation hopes to change many lives and create more awareness about the need to have a more inclusive environment.

Original Title : Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged

Producer : RCG SRVC Foundation

Location : Kochi, Kerala, INDIA

Media Format : Offline

Language : English

www :

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