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N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content)

N-LIST or National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development under its National Mission on ducation through ICT programme. The project is being jointly executed by the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and the INDEST-AICTE Consortium, IIT Delhi. INDEST and  UGC-INFONET are jointly responsible for subscribing and providing access to selected UGC-INFONET e-resources to technical institutions and selected INDEST e-resources to universities;while the INFLIBNET Centre would ensure subscription and access to chosen e-resources to 6,000 Government and Government-aided colleges. It is also to act as a monitoring agency for colleges, observing, evaluating and promoting activities which would guarantee effective and efficient access to e-resources to colleges as well as develop and deploy appropriate software tools and techniques for authenticating authorized users. As on November 18 2010, a total of 1479 colleges have registered themselves with N-LIST.

All educational institutions in India, especially the universities, face acute shortages of funds to subscribe to international scholarly journals. It is estimated that a typical university in India subscribes to less than two hundred international journals. While there are several government funded consortia that are catering to the information requirements of engineering and technological institutions, research laboratories, defense R&D laboratories, universities and other institutions of higher education, none of them, however, targets the users in colleges. The N-LIST initiative would help the nation move towards an information-rich society and deliver highly reliable scholarly content to university students. It is anticipated that the increased access to resources would have a significant impact on students, faculty and researchers from colleges not only in terms of research output but also in terms of the quality of students who graduate from beneficiary colleges.









The website has been designed with the aim of creating a knowledge sharing network for the more than 17,00,000 school mathematics teachers in India. The first objective of the site is to expose teachers to new methods, tools, technologies and techniques of explaining mathematical concepts. Through this exposure teachers will gain the  motivation to commit themselves to begin and continue their own learning.  www.ganitgurooz. com focuses on what the teachers can implement in the classrooms for better student achievement in athematics.

Thousands of links to content, multimedia modules, applets, movies, presentations, tutorials, practice assignments and assessment tools have been tagged to various chapters of the NCERT curriculum so that teachers can access useful and relevant information without wasting any time. In future, curriculum books of all state boards will be tagged to resources available on the internet so that every teacher can use them conveniently in their classrooms.

It is imperative that the teaching skills of educators evolve as rapidly as the world that the teachers are preparing their students to enter. Continuous professional development is the process by which teachers reflect upon their competences, maintain them up to date and develop them further as no initial course of teacher education can be sufficient to prepare a teacher for his or her entire career. Capable educators continually work to sharpen their skills and classroom methods by studying new research. The educational opportunities made available by dramatic technological innovations in the 1990s can be put to effective use in elementary and secondary education to help the next generation of school children to be better educated and better prepared for the evolving demands of the new economy. The insights into mathematics that delivers to its members is bound to change the way maths in taught in Indian schools.







MKCL’s Digital Schools


Digital School is a program that empowers school children to capture various learning experiences in a technology-enabled, teacher-facilitated environment. Developed by the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), this eLearning platform offers curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular multimedia-based interactive learning content to the school children of Maharashtra. Through the Digital Schools program MKCL aspires to transform the everyday learning experience of each student. It provides a personalized, self-paced and collaborative learning environment.

Digital school is deployed through MKCL’s eLearning framework called ERA or eLearning Revolution for All. ERA operates on the school’s intranet, every child getting a  personalized login id. The student can access ERA using this personal login. The eContent is of high quality, with attractive and explorative multimedia, rich voice overs and complements the curricula of the school. MKCL’s Digital School Framework is successfully deployed in 400 schools of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha for 3,00,000 students of classes 5th through 10th.

Computer-based learning has revolutionized the concept of education by enabling access to more knowledge than ever before. This is a part of the evolution of education systems which allows them to cope with the need for new learning skills for the twenty-first century. Not only does e-learning maximize learning opportunities but also removes the restrictions of time and location. It has the potential to offer richer resources than most traditional methods of delivering learning or teaching.

MKCL’s ERA encourages and enables the student to think, explore, experiment and then master a particular skill. Beyond the skills developed from traditional learning systems, e-learning enhances the child’s problem-solving, critical thinking and selfdirectional skills. Working productively with others, they demonstrate teamwork and leadership and hence develop superior inter-personal skills.





Women Aloud Video blogging for Empowerment (WAVE)


Wave is a unique digital platform for young women from various socioeconomic backgrounds to communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential and voice their opinions on issues that matter through video blogs. The mission of WAVE is twofold: to encourage young women to articulate their views about subjects that matter to their communities, and to present these views to the world on an online forum, thereby bringing about a change in age-old attitudes.

One young woman from every state in India was selected for a 9-month mentorship program, and provided with video equipment, intensive training and monthly stipends for participating in the project. A key activity of this programme has been the mentorship in ICT skills provided to these women. Over the past year, they were trained to script, shoot, edit and upload videos online and made aware of free online tools such as Yousendit, Google docs, mpeg streamclip, Facebook etc.

People-centred advocacy aims at influencing societal attitudes and sociopolitical processes that enable and empower the citizens to speak for themselves. In contrast to traditional approaches to advocacy that seek to effect policy change, participatory advocacy aims towards social transformation. Beginning in September 2009, WAVE established the first nationwide women videobloggers’ network, bringing a new ICT medium to the work of women’s empowerment. WAVE’s philosophy is that young women in India need be heard and encouraged to analyze the problems in their communities and then, if possible, go on to become leaders who provide effective solutions to these problems. These young women will also serve as ambassadors for their communities, which were previously almost invisible, engaging the outside world through the images communicated on the video blog. With its firstof- its-kind citizen journalism program, WAVE aims to share compelling videos that start conversations and go beyond boundaries to enable the exchange of novel solutions.

Original Title : Women Aloud Videoblogging for Empowerment (WAVE)

Producer : Women Aloud Videoblogging for Empowerment

Location : Goa, INDIA

Media Format : Web/Internet

Language : English and Hindi

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