C-GAP course self learning kit

Description of the product/project
C-GAP (Certificate in Good Agricultural Practices) is a course targeted towards farmers to educate them on good agricultural practices and quality systems.
It is a self learning material CD in multimedia format including narration, video clippings, and photographs, animations in interactive and attractive format. The language of instruction is Marathi and can be used by any learner who is primary school educated.
The international and national agriculture product markets demand high quality and low cost products. Only by employing recent developments in sciences and new technologies could one produce such quality agricultural products. The training will help farmers become globally competitive and lead them to gain knowledge about scientific farming. The Program offers two GAP certificate courses – one for farmers and the other for field service providers (FSP). After successfully completing the course, FSP would have skills and functionalities to offer assistance in GAP as well as could provide services in raising productivity and quality by employing ICT and latest agricultural knowledge.
A much desired initiative for the farmers of India in order to achieve quality benchmark in the agriculture sector.
PRODUCERShivrai Technologies, Sanjay Borkar, Santosh Shinde
Platform of ProductOffline
Title in EnglishC-GAP course self learning kit
Title in Original LanguageUttam Sheti Padhatti
Language of ProductMarathi

Learning Objects: Creating a Knowledge Utility

Description of the product/project
Learning Objects: Creating a Knowledge Utility uses SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) for Multimedia enriched educational content in rural schools in India.
It improves the quality of teaching and learning mechanism to create interest among students and teachers. The Multimedia contents are developed in local language. The multimedia objects teach the subjects effectively and with ease of understanding.
The advantage of SCROM is platform independency and facility to add more learning objects easily.

The Knowledge Utility ensures that the teacher uses the content through the means of technology and participates in the enhancement of the process by adding his/her own experience to share it with a community. The experience has been that teachers find it extremely easy to access these objects.
Minimal training is required for these first generation technology users to use the SCORM players and access content.

PRODUCERVidya Pratisthan’s Institute of Information Technology Amol C. Goje

Platform of Productoffline
Title in EnglishLearning Objects-Creating a knowledge Utility
Language of ProductMarathi

Chukki Chinna Interactive Radio Instruction programmes

Description of the product/project
The Chukki Chinna Interactive Radio Instruction programmes have been developed by the Education Development Center (EDC), a non-profit organisation, for a project titled ‘Technology Tools for Teaching and Training’ funded by the dot-EDU co-operative agreement initiated by the USAID and part of the DOT-COM alliance.
These have been developed in the local language, i.e Kannada for classes 4 and 5 for mathematics, social studies and science and are broadcast on All India Radio in the forenoon to enable the teachers and the children to listen to them and do the activities in the classrooms at the time of the broadcast itself.
The evaluation of the impact of the programmes is being done in the 340 project schools in Karnataka very intensively. An important feature of these Chukki Chinna IRI programmes is that they are geared towards addressing not only the learning gains among the students but are also very potent tools for teacher training, as the technique is highly activity based, and facilitates active learning during and after the broadcast of the programmes.

PRODUCERMadhyam, Vandita Sharma
Platform of ProductCross Media
Title in EnglishChukki Chinna Interactive Radio Instruction programmes
Title in Original LanguageChukki Chinna
Language of ProductKannada


Description of the product/project
BookBox is a ‘JukeBox’ of edutaining and multilingual “animation-books”, for distribution on electronic (TV, radio, VHS video) and digital (internet, DVD/VCD) media.

BookBox was born with the vision of integrating “books” into the lives of children through the media already in their lives and in their languages.

BookBox is currently producing children’s “animation-books” from original and public domain stories. BookBox plans to distribute content globally in as many languages as there is a need and demand for. This will include all major languages of the world and also many minority languages.

While BookBox promises to take care of major languages, it wants to tie up with various groups around the world that are interested in books in their language(s). For example, these groups will do the translation and narration of existing stories on BookBox, send these elements to BookBox, and BookBox will put the elements together to make the stories available in even relatively minor (but important) languages.

PRODUCERBrij Kothari, Nirav Shah, Holger Jetter, Mohammed Abdoolcarim, Lavina Tien
Platform of ProductBroadband/Online
Title in EnglishBook Box
Language of Product13 languages at present and increasing

Adventus Learning Management System

Description of the product/project
Adventus Learning Management System (LMS) is a learning and training platform that caters to organizations to achieve their competitive advantage with dynamic efficiency resulting in savings to the tune of almost 50 percent time and material. The product is built on three-tier architecture – the database layer, the business layer and the presentation layer – that is highly scalable and flexible.
These are software development tools used to create e-learning courseware in a highly interactive and animated and are easy to use. The target group is mostly teachers who will create their courseware using these tools in an interactive manner.
Education is introduced as a very interactive and versatile means which can make normal education more productive and relevant for both trainer and trainee. Indian education methodology is primarily text oriented but initiations like the above can be critical for students who don’t have qualified teachers to learn from.
Metalearn Services Pvt Ltd
Rithesh Jain
Sonjib Mukharjee

Platform of ProductOffline
Title in EnglishAdventus Learning Management
Language of ProductMultilingual

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