e-Health, Finalists 2012

Project Title : Angels Health Private Limited
Category : e-Health
Producer : Angels Health Private Limited


MediAngels is an online hospital launched in 2011 which aggregates and serves various components ofthe healthcare cycle starting fromdoctor consultations to diagnostics,medicalrecords,ordering medicines and finally treatment while the complete package is enabled through technology. MediAngels super specialized panel includes 300+ ofthe world’s bestmedical specialistsin 90+ specialties from15 countries across the globe. Theoverallmission is to facilitate eHealthdelivery and in the long run aggregate pharmacies, electronic records and other paraphernaliaof outpatient care.Theaimis to restrictthetravelto a physical hospital in aMediAngels enabledworld to only 15%ofthe patients who have very complex problems needing physical examination or for intervention.The long term mission is to also use the vast amount of data that getsaggregated,tomake algorithms available whichmake the diagnosis processmoreefficient.SinceFebruary 2011, 5800 transactions have happened, 5% of which have been from outside India.The services offered include eQuery, eConsult, eInvestigation, videoConsult, access to the Knowledge Bank of Medi Angels for institutions as well as blogs and Drug Info’s.

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