Sisu Samrakshak

Description of the product/project
Sisu Samarakshak is all about information dissemination and services for women and children. The project components Include: Information pages (using audio, picture, video and touch-tone screen) for illiterate and semi-literate women that include contents related to care, nutrition, growth and development, immunization, illnesses, hygiene and various related services.

Other part of the project consists of manuals and training programmes for front-line workers enabling them apply and integrate ICT messages with ongoing development programmes (i.e. the integrated child development service; water user committees, women’s self-help groups, village development committees, health advisory boards, school management committees, etc; Above that the project includes applications that can be used to enhance delivery and monitoring of services for women and children.

The program aims at harnessing Information and Communication Technology to accelerate achievement of goals in women’s health, children’s growth and development in the early years through enhanced community monitoring mechanisms and bridge the digital divide. The goals of the project are well twined with the Millennium Development Goals.
STATEAndhra Pradesh
Platform of ProductCross Media
Title in EnglishSisu Samrakshak
Title in Original LanguageSisu Samrakshak
Language of ProductEnglish, Telugu, Kannada

Description of the product/project is a web based helpline for patients who need blood all over the country in an emergency.

Quite often a critically ill patient dies because of the non-availability of the right group of blood in the blood banks. India is always facing a shortage of blood, and as we know people have to run from pillar to post for a unit of blood.

Indianblooddonors has donors registered from over 330 cities including more than 25,000 donors.

The aim is to serve the needy by offering a little organized source of adequate information.

The website gets 25-30 request for blood everyday.

Incidentally, this novel initiative is started by a common concerned citizen, not by any specialized IT professional or a medical practitioner.
The producer of has started the initiative by using his personal savings.
PRODUCERIndian Blood Donors Khushroo PoachaFermin Poacha
Platform of ProductBroadband/online
Title in EnglishBlood Donors
Language of ProductEnglish

Helpline on HIV/AIDS

Description of the product/project
This is an electronic helpline accessible to people 24 hours a day for seeking answers to any query on HIV/AIDs.

The helpline is equipped with both – automatic answering machine as well as human voice interaction replying to personal queries.

Electronic Helpline create awareness on HIV/AIDS as the rate of spread of HIV/AIDS in India is reaching to an alarming level. The added advantage is that it helps in optimizing costs to a great extent. Helpline Description HSDRC is using the concept of Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) for this Electronic Helpline on HIV/AIDS.

The Helpline uses a computer equipped with four channel voice card, linked to two telephone lines using customized software. This IVRS system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

The objective of the project is to disseminate technically sound information on HIV/AIDS along with details of related health services, to as many people as possible maintaining the anonymity of the client.
PRODUCERHealth & Social Development Research Centre Mridula Chandra
CONTACT +91-141-2606976
Platform of Product Interactice TV
Title in English Helpline on HIV/AIDS
Language of Product English / Hindi

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