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Original Title : Aksharit
Media Format : Mobile phone based
Website :
Producer : MadRat Games Pvt Ltd
Language : Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada
Location : Karnataka, INDIA
Contact :

The Aksharit project is an Indian language word game having different modules for different age groups. Three games have been launched so far by covering all the age groups.

AksharitA crossword building game for adults called Aksharit on mobiles, a quick word search game (for all ages above 12 yrs) called Aksharit Word Matki for social media and online platforms, and Mystery Land of Aksharit for children (below 12 yrs) as an Fantasy-cum-Edutainment online game. Aksharit is a Java based application for Symbian OS. It is hosted on Nokia’s OVI app store and bundled with Nokia touch phones. It’s available for Free in India and priced at 2 Euros outside India. The other two apps are developed using HTML5 and other Web 2.0 technologies. They are hosted on www.aksharit. com server. Aksharit Word Matki is a free app with social media integration.

The Jury noted that the product Aksharit (Mobile) got preloaded on 5 Lakh Nokia phones covering a broad range of consumers across India. It was also noted that the issue of script complexity is addressed in the product through innovation by providing vowel diacritics, half letters etc. The Jury also appreciated that the product received a Patent and got recognition by winning the IIM Calcutta Business Plan competition. It was also noted that the game has a high level of interactivity and ease of use which stand as distinctive points for any digital game.

Original Title : Hiru FM official website
Media Format : Internet
Website :
Producer : Asia Broadcasting Corporation Private Limited
Language : Sinhala, English
Location : Colombo, SRI LANKA
Contact :

Hiru FM’s official website offers visitors a variety of entertainment options, from live chatting with DJ (24 hours), games including a top class entertaining Sri Lankan radio station.

Hiru-FMThe entertainment channels includes online chatting where anybody can converse (24*7) with the DJ. Hiru FM presence is there on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube ; A separate Entertainer’s area where they allow anyone to display their talent whether its singing, speech or anything they think is creative on this platform, the latest news is available to users in Sinhala at any given time with a link to their main news site and one can download most popular programmes and newly released songs There are online games ; a gossip page where one can take a look on the latest stories about the celebrities and prominent personalities and a wallpaper with calendar which anybody can download.

The Jury noted that the site is ranked by Alexa(the global website ranking company) as 67th most visited site in the island. It was observed that there are several radio entertainment options in Hiru.FM and the response from the audience has been overwhelming. The Jury appreciated that launching of the website has enabled the Sri Lankan living overseas an opportunity to experience Hiru.FM. It was also noted that social presence of Hiru.FM has achieved over 20,000 fans in less than a year on the social networks.
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