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Project Title : Cheer Karega India toh Gold Jeetega India
Category : e-Entertainment and Games
Producer : Ethinos Digital Marketing

India-Cheers-Loud-and-Clear‘India Cheers Loud and Clear’ uses online platform to identify emerging athletes with Olympic medal winning potential and raise funds for them. The campaign is being steered by Olympic Gold Quest, a non-profit organization started by Indian sportsmen, Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone. With an objective to help Indian athletes win more Olympic medal, ICLC has more than one million social media followers.
The idea behind Olympic Gold Quest is to bring about a positive change by providing training, exposure to the international sports arena, funding, coaching, dieticians, physiotherapists, etc., to support the Indian athletes with potential to win medals at the Olympics; and share stories to motivate a billion Indians driven by a common cause.

The campaign has four key parts: brand building, generating contributions, promoting the 2012 Olympic Games, and setting the stage for future champions and sports tournaments. The campaign also leveraged support of celebrities for the sports in order to grab attention and ensured that the message of the cause reached to a much larger audience. Engaging them in conversations on Twit-ter, retweeting their tweets, and sharing their comments and thoughts about the Olympics allowed wider reach to include their respective fans and followers as well..

It has online awareness and support for all the initiatives, increased online contributions, social media management and engaging fans through various activities such as contests, quizzes, live chats, etc. By building and managing the corporate presence and the presence of 16 Indian Olympians including Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Gagan Narang and Vijay Kumar on Facebook, this initiative has created a 1,100,000+ community of sports enthusiasts.

Project Title : Zenga TV
Category : e-Entertainment and Games
Producer : Zenga Media Pvt Ltd

Zenga-TV‘Zenga TV provides a seamless Live TV and video experience to consumers across mobile and web interface. It has 300 + million video views across devices & platforms and 18 to 22 million unique visitors monthly. With increasing mobile penetration and smartphones, Zenga TV wants to become global player in digital content distribution’.
Zenga TV, a mobile TV platform provides seamless mobile TV experience on bandwidth as low as 20 kbps and content that comes to users, free of cost. While the market is still new and every player wants to earn from subscription, Zenga TV was launched with the idea of increasing adoption of live streaming and video streaming on mobile and other devices. Zenga TV video delivery plat-form enables digital content streaming, aggregates, hosts, converts, configures, distributes and monetises content. Since Zenga TV is cloud-based, it can handle any spikes in demand. It is available for web as well as apps across various platforms. The platform is not dependent on handset models, since it is also available through a WAP site.

All other mobile TV operators provide a subscription based service. Zenga TV is a free service, both on web as well as mobile and available across devices and networks. The mobileTV application market is around Rs 25-30 mn in India, out of which ZengaTV holds about 65-70%. Video con-sumption within live TV, recorded TV, shows, etc, is projected to grow 300 times in the next 3 yearsas it has already shown 10-fold growth this year in consumption as compared to the last year.

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