e-Entertainment and Games, Finalists 2012

Project Title : RockeTalk
Category : e-Entertainment & Games
Producer : RockeTalk India Pvt. Ltd.


Rocke Talk aims at making communication fun, easy, socially inclusive by breaking through language barriers and making the application free of cost.The advantage of the system is that it absolutely feels close to just being there in person.The application enables its users to post messages, join live communities, send voice and video enabledgreetings, and upload an unlimited number of photos, videos and audios.With over 17million registered users and more than 150,000 active communities,there’s an interestgroup for every user. The users stay connected with his/her existing social circle andcan also make new friends.

Project Title : Vodafone Mobile Box office
Category : e-Entertainment & Games
Producer : Vodafone India Ltd.


Vodafone Mobile Box Office (VMBO) is a service which provides users with access to ahuge range of movies and enables them to watch unlimited clips of these movies. Theuser can subscribe to VMBO for Rs3 per day and Rs.21 per week and download an unlimited number of movie clips.The advantage of the service is that it is compatible with anydata capable handset which can play video and accessVodafoneLive.There are over 5000such handset models compatible with the service. The portal has movies from all languages, including Hindi,Tamil,Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati and Bhojpuri.Additionally the portal also provides movies from different genres, for example romance,comedy, action, horror or Drama.The innovation of the system lies in the fact that a usercan access clips based on either the movie or its popularity, for example the user canselect a Dabaang and watch all the clips of Dabaang along with all climax fight scenes orjust watch the climax fight scene of choice directly from the “Top scene section”. Thereis a unique SEARCH feature to enable the user to search for his favorite scenes.The searchcan be based on language, genre, actor or actresses.

Project Title : TV Buddy
Category : e-Entertainment & Games
Producer : Mobiotics


TV Buddy is a TV Companion Platform that enables content and service providers toconnect to subscribers and monetize their user base through content promotions, interactive Tele Commerce and MediaVAS services.TV Buddy supports his clients throughend subscriber management for operators, content promotions in the form of voting,games, contests and rich media advertisements while providing interactive tele commerce opportunities within a program. The innovation of the model lies in the seamlessintroduction of new media VAS services and their rollout for TV viewers and TV Buddymobiles as well as web clients. TV Buddy further supports personalized recommendations, social check-in based interactions and sharing as well as content based promotions.The end-user segment is TVViewers with access to smart phones or those activeon social networks and other digital media.

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