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Project Title : Rongmeivoice.com
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Rongmei voice is the first blog and website of the Rongmei community of North East India to be online.This website is online since January 2005.However the new site of the Rongmei Voice was launched on 17 Sept. 2010. The founders of the initiative are a group of motivated and dynamic youngsters who want to promote the Rongmei along with the Zeliangrong in all their cultural, social and economic aspects. It is a non-profit website created to bring out the rich culture of the Rongmei tribe with the goal to promote the century old heritage of the community through important individual members of the community as well as an organization which represents the collective tribal history and cultural background. This site also contains a brief history of the tribe, their settlement, the food consumed, the habits and traditions of the community, their tools and artifacts. To give the Rongmei tribe a platform, the website also provides free or low cost advertisement. All logos and trademarks in this site apart from Rongmei voice property are properties of their respective owners.

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