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World’s first Portal for Bhojpuri Speaking people. The site attempts successfully to provide a holistic and a global platform for more than 34 Crore Bhojpuri speaking people across the Globe. One can find News, Bhojpuri Songs, Bhojpuria Dukan, Free E-mail, Bhojpuri E-greetings, ecards, Bhojpuria culture, Festivals etc through the online platform. The site is a value addition in itself with continuous information and coverage on latest and vital perspectives of life of Bhojpuri community. The site is a great wholesome service provider and entertainer with resourceful information on vital aspects of the community like matrimony, books, events and so on.

An online communication and networking platform is a great value addition for any group or community. provides such a platform to the worldwide Bhojpuria population providing news and views from Bhojpuria region, and Bhojpuri Film industry. The aim is to connect the young generation from the 34 crore strong Bhojpuria community worldwide through its language, Bhojpuria. is not just a website; it’s a way of life. The basic features are Online Shopping, People, Bhojpuri Sahitya, Khana, Festivals, Member’s directory, and several others.
ORGANISATIONInfogate Exporters Pvt. Ltd
CONTACTSSudhir Kumar,

India Heritage 

Product Description
Launched on August 15, 1997 to coincide with the celebration of 50 years of India’s independence, is one of the first solely devoted sites in promoting India’s cultural heritage. Its prime objective ─ to faithfully and effectively mirror attractive aspects of Indian culture and showcase it to those interested in Indian art and culture across the globe.

India’s rich cultural heritage has inspired the entire world since ages because of her rich possession of a repertoire of classical music and dance, philosophy, literature, poetry, dramatics, fine arts and sculpture, handicrafts, Ayurveda, Yoga, the saree, traditional Indian marriage customs and many more., the India Heritage website, has been created with the objective of reaching out worldwide through the medium of the internet, so as to increase the awareness of people globally, on subjects related to Indian Arts, Crafts, Culture, and Heritage etc. The heritage platform is a wonderful contribution using ICT to promote India’s rich past, present and future.
ORGANISATIONMacro Graphics Pvt Ltd
CONTACTKunaal Firoze Mullick,011-26271838

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Visually driven this innovative and annual Durga Puja site captures all the colours and magic, that the festival conjures up and touches every Bengali. The site captures the colour, sounds, frenetic activity and even the smells of Kolkata during this high-spirited period of the year. The site is an online forum especially Internet depicting a vibrant cultural occasion like the Durga festival as well as in connecting the people worldwide associated with it. The site is a very unique presentation from the Ananda Bazaar Patrika group. The site has so many bewildering and interesting sections with colourful and pictorial presentations.

An online forum especially Internet depicting a vibrant cultural occasion transcending geographical boundaries helps to project that festival as well as in connecting the people worldwide associated with it. The Ananda Utsav site transcends the same geographical boundaries, and attempts to bring the cultural phenomenon of Kolkata to the world and knitting the world wide Bengali diaspora successfully. The site is a very unique presentation from the Ananda Bazaar Patrika group with unique features. One of the section contains the famous pandals of Kolkata and from around the world during the time of Durga Puja.

ORGANISATIONiridiumInteractive Ltd

CONTACTManish K,011-41553448
LANGUAGEEnglish/ Bangla

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