e-Business & Financial Inclusion, Winner 2013
Project Title : Buy Leads
Category : e-Business and Financial Inclusion
Producer : IndiaMART Intermesh Ltd

IndiaMart-BuyLeadsIndiaMart has developed ‘buy–leads’ service online for micro, small and medium enterprises. IndiaMart allows suppliers to access buying requirements, evaluate them and then decide to purchase the lead at a minimal cost. Over 1.2 million suppliers are registered with IndiaMART.com, and 10,000 SMEs are using the ‘buy-leads’ service presently.

IndiaMART.com buy leads service is a centralised enquiry system where all business enquiries generated from genuine buyers across the globe are stored and managed. This innovation is based on a unique ‘pay per seen lead model’, an extension to pay per lead model. IndiaMART.com has made low cost solution ‘Buy Leads’ available for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to choose buyers on their own and conduct businesses. It is an essential tool for MSMEs to increase their reach beyond their local realm and access new markets easily. The leads are verified and hence, they further build credibility of buyers and instill confidence in sup-pliers to contact them. In turn, buyers get quality responses from capable and serious suppliers who can meet their buying requirements without any cost.

The key benefits offered by the service are:

For Suppliers: It allows the customer to pay per seen lead; credit back option, if you have purchased any SPAM/ fraud buy leads; verified leads build credibility of buyers and confidence in suppliers to contact them.

For Buyers: They get quality responses from suppliers who can meet their buying requirements; as a result, no SPAM; free of cost service, which can be efficiently used for sourcing requirements

Project Title : Artoo (Special Mention) 
Category : e- Business And Financial Inclusion
Producer : Artoo

ArtooArtoo uses mobile application and cloud based technology to speed up loan disbursement by mutual fund institutions and improve field staff productivity. Artoo empowers social enterprises to capture, analyze and process information remotely through smartphones and tablets. With three companies on Artoo’s platform and 525 devices in the field, Artoo is currently serving 7.2 million people annually.
Artoo’s cloud-based financial inclusion product allows financial institutions to take all field processes such as customer enrolment, loan approval and repayment collections online. The product consists of mobile applications for Android smartphones and tablets that allows social enterprises to take all field processes online and track their businesses with real-time input. The application allows field staff to remain in touch with other participants as well as programme controllers in real time: audio-video training modules are created by Grameen and uploaded on the app, which the staff access on their mobiles. They are also given assignments for various training modules through the app. This model can simultaneously serve multiple enterprises across industries such as financial inclusion and healthcare, thereby distributing the cost over a wider range of clients making our product more affordable.

Artoos financial inclusion product offers the following functionalities:

  • Lead Generation : Generate lists of existing customers from companys database, who are eligible for future loans. Ability to engage with leads through notifications.
  • SMS, voice calls in local vernacular
  • Loan origination : Fill customer demographic data and perform detailed financial analysis of household and business cash flows.
  • Real-time email alerts and daily digests to internal employees
  • To alert different roles in the workflow of loan applications in their queue or pending work
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