Digital Solution for Business & Financial Inclusion


Session Focus:

The Summit will focus on sharing case presentations that have been in the Grand Jury of Manthan Award Asia Pacific 2013 and recognized as Finalists 2013

Session Objective:

 Focus on ICT based National Financial Inclusion Programs & the specific focus of the Master’s in ICT in Business and management
Role, impact and importance of ICTs in relation to create disruptive business models for providing mainstream financial solutions


chair: Parul Soni, Global Deputy Leader- Not for Profit Organizations & Leader Development Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
Moderator: Monika Halan, Editor, Mint Money
Jury Expert: Venki Nishtala, CTO,

Sanjay Diwan, Managing Director, Consulting IN
Dr. Amir Ullah Khan, President, Glocal University


Dr. Prosanta Kumar Roy, Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar
Mr. Vishal Kumar, Eazy Money (SARAL DHAN)
Akhila Singaraju, ARTOO
Abhishek Kumar, Buy Leads
Hemal Dahanayake, WeServe
Shashi Kumar JV, IMPRESS


Dr. Prosanta Kumar Roy, Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar :
Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar is one of the Digital initiatives of Bangladesh, where 5 million families of the country are expected to be benefited by reducing the poverty rate in the country.The project is working with 1.6 million underprivileged and deprived women.
The project provides financial services such as account opening, fund mobilization, loan and advances to the marginal poor. Each member associated with the project deposits its monthly deposits BDT 200 online and receives confirmation of the same through SMS instantly. In return, the project gives bonus on the savings online and they receive confirmation by SMS accordingly. The number of beneficiaries or service holder is 1.38 million as of today.Achievements:

  • No of transaction is 2.8 million
  • Present balance is BDT 1176.9 million
  • Total fund is BDT 2334.2 million
  • No of online loan sanctioned is 146,675
  • Total loan disbursement is BDT 1469.1 million

Vishal Kumar, Saral Dhan :Tech Mahindra started providing services globally and they are currently going well in South Asian countries. However the major focus is still in India. He shared that In India there are 135 million financially excluded households with 80% financially underserved people. Vishal explained that there are following challenges in India.

  • Availability of one bank branch per 14000 people
  • Few people has any kind of life insurance
  • Few credit accounts with banks
  • Lack of communication

Vishal shares that to solve all those issues, the Tech Mahindra has made an collaborative effort through Eazy Money. They made the availability of bank branches at doorsteps using digital and communication device like phone.

Vishal explains that eazy money is the platform that provides innovative value added branchless banking solution. They provide following services at doorsteps:

    • Cash transaction withdrawal/deposits
    • Fund transfer
    • Micro loan
    • Overdraft

Vishal shared the few Benefits of the project:

  • Forget pin issues
  • Banking operating hours
  • Reduce travel
Akhila Singaraju, ARTOO :Artoo allows financial institutions to take all field processes such as customer enrollment, loan approval & repayment collections online. Currently, Artoo is serving 7.2 million people annually and empower social enterprises to capture,analyze and process information remotely through smartphones and tablets.
The application allows field staff to remain in touch with other participants as well as program controllers in real time. The major challenges encountered were Long loan processing times and labor and paper intensive error prone processes that affected field agents’ productivities. With Artoo, processing time has been reduced by 50% and field agents are able to attain higher targets. Artoo is an affordable and customizable service that is Java Script enabled.
Abhishek Kumar, Buy leads :
Buy leads is India’s first ever Buyers’ Marketplace. Buy leads is the unique model where Supplier chooses a Buyer and allows suppliers to access buying requirements, evaluate them and then decide to purchase the lead at a minimal cost. Currently, over 10,000 SMEs are using the ‘buy-leads’ service, where buyers receive quotes from genuine & capable suppliers online thereby, saving cost, time & resources for their sourcing requirements. Buy leads is providing the services globally, and has an active user base of 26,000 and Leads of about 1 lac.
The initiative also offers buyers with the credit back option, in-case the buyer purchases any SPAM/ fraud leads, focusing on building the credibility of verified leads and confidence in suppliers to contact them. Also, the service is entirely free of cost for the buyer.
Hemal Dahanayake, We serve :WeServe provides an effective solution for the food service industry.It focuses on time efficiency and accurate communication that enhance operations in restaurants, and all stakeholders of WeServe. WeServe attempts to resolve issues through a mobile POS solution.The solution involves Minimal Infrastructure, Refined work process and Strategic analysis. The initiative has experienced tremendous positive impact on economic implementations, productivity, and ICT. We Serve System is an inexpensive scalable and effective solution for the food service industry, focusing on time efficiency and accurate communication
Shashi Kumar JV, Impress :‘IMPRESS’ is an innovative product designed, developed and manufactured by Evolute Systems is India’s Fastest Thermal Printer. Impress provides affordable solutions to various verticals like financial inclusion, micro finance & micro banking, public distribution system, identification, authentication, m-commerce, e-Governance. Impress is integrated with multiple payment and security modules that offers 512 variants and lasts for 2,000 transactions on a single charge. IMPRESS can print up to 18 lines per second with 24 or 42 characters per line.
The technology also comes with built-in high performance Li-Ion battery, Bluetooth, GPS module, USB 2.0 interface, serial port interface, fingerprint scanner, magnetic card reader, dual smart card reader etc. making it an overall technological solution.
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