Community Broadcasting for Social Development




  • Focus on India’s oral society to have multi-lingual option of accessing and exercising their participation in accordance.
  • Role, impact and importance of content services in alternative news and community broadcasting
  • In the light of community radio licensing, what is the status of community radio and broadcasting for and by communities, and where do we go from here.


Moderator: Dr. Usha Rani, Professor, University of Mysore
Jury expert: Rajen Varada, Founder, Technology For The People


Sreeraj Parackkal, Radio Benziger
Dr. S.K. Kashyap, Jan Vani
Mr. Mohan Singh Karki, Kumaon Vani
Barsha Chabaria, Chak de Chotu, Salaam Namaste
Gajendra Singh, Radio 7
Pooja O. Murada, Alfaz-e-Mewat FM 107.8
Sitansu Mahapatra,


Summit Bytes

Barsha Chabaria, Chak De Chotu :
Child Labor is a serious problem in India. Many of the children are found working in tea-stalls construction sites, and many such places. Chak De Chotu is an effort to help such unprivileged children. It works at multiple levels by making such children feel as a part of normal society with a motive to ensure that they enjoy a normal childhood through their community radio program. Chakh De Chotu also is involved in ground level activities such as Akshar Gyan (basic literacy) to these street children, with the help of some NGOs. Their families are also helped in many ways, with their efforts being picked up by mainstream media and highlighted. ‘Chotu wants to read and write’ is conveyed powerfully through the radio program. The kids themselves have also come up with a program “Bal Majdoori Hatao” to create awareness against Child Labor.

Mr. Mohan Singh Karki, Kumaon Vani :
Radio Kumaon Vani 90.4 MHz started its transmission from March 2010 in higher reaches of Garh Mukteshwar such as Nainital, Almora, and Ranikhet. The programs focus on aspects such as forests, land, water, local culture, dialect and music that affect the local community.The programs concerned with education, gender issues, health and various other social welfare schemes are also involved in broadcasting for creating awareness. The local administration has also realized its significance and has started utilizing the medium as a source of outreach for administrative and governance related information dissemination. The radio works on membership to maintain financial stability.
Gajendra Singh, Radio 7 :
A Glimpse of the land of the desert: “Marudhar Ek Jhalak” is a program on Radio 7 community radio in the land of Rajasthan. The station is entirely focused on promoting the local culture and highlighting the local concerns. All aspects of Rajasthan’s life are brought alive in the program “Marudhar Ek Jhalak” including local Art, Craft, folklore, folksongs, dance, music, information on forts. Folk music is the backbone of the program that keeps the audience captivated as rich local content gets played. It involves local community in many of its activities and takes feedback from them, incorporating the same into its programming.
Sitansu Mahapatra, : is the first fully fledged Internet radio in Odia language. Apart from its functionality on the website, it also has its availability on mobile through an application that is a boon for the ever increasing mobile internet users. More than 5,000 listeners from 48 countries visit the site every day to enjoy this service. The organization makes use of extensive social media outreach to generate content and likable topics for broadcasting. The community radio also features fresh traditional and local content to cater to the local Odia community.
Pooja O. Murada, Alfaz-e-Mewat FM 107.8 :
Alfaz-e-Mewat community radio station started in February 2012 caters to the Muslims dominated Mewat district in Haryana reaching out to 180 villages in the region. The region is underdeveloped in various aspects and the radio tries to highlight such domains for developmental purposes. Mewat has a low access to main stream media and the community radio has emerged as a book for the community and the local administration for information d


Dr. S. K. Kashyap, Jan Vani :
Pantnagar Janvani community radio 90.8 FM was started in Aug 2011. It has a unique model called Janvani Clubs spread across 80 villages highlighting agriculture and related activities in this mission including programs such as News Bulleting, Skills Updating, and various other outreach programs.In 3 years, Community is now engaged more aggressively in this initiative.  Realizing its outreach and the impact and importance of a community radio, Jan Vani currently broadcasts for 12 hours from its initial 3 hours.  The initiative also has radio volunteers associated with the cause, who provide updated information and local content to the radio station for developing locally inspired programs.
Sreeraj Parackkal, Radio Benziger :
Radio Benziger 107.8 MHz is working primarily among the fishing community. It focus is on health, education, social issues, and promote government projects in the local community. It is a hospital based radio with around 4,000 people interacted through radio program “People’s Voice” in the last 3 years.   Web broadcasting, creative use of social media networks and optimum utilization of mobile technology are on the agenda for the community radio- Radio Benziger.
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