Smart Settlements & Urbanisation, Winners 2016

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1. Nation’s first Intelligent Transport System at Mysore City with Mobile App

ORGANISATION: Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)

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Digitalised MITRA

The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is a demonstrative project for the complete implementation and integration of the system for city bus services.

ITS addresses a critical issue of road congestion by offering high-class services and state-of-the-art technologies, besides attractive, convenient, comfortable and value-added services, to encourage the use of bus services against individual personal and private vehicles.

Working towards this goal on high priority, KSRTC has implemented ITS in Mysore city (MITRA), covering 500 buses, 2,400 bus stops, six bus terminals and 45 platforms. With the aim of improving quality and convenience of public transport system, it is a pioneering effort by KSRTC to accelerate modal shift from personal use of vehicles to public transport system, thereby lowering pollution levels and traffic congestion.

ITS provides several benefits. It reduces time wasted and uncertainty; it increases accessibility to the system and safety of users; it brings down fuel consumption, emissions and operational costs; it improves traffic efficiency, environment quality and energy efficiency; it positive impacts economic productivity; it decongests traffic; it promotes the use of sustainable transport modes; and it enables commuters to make informed choices on their preferred mode of commuting.

Under this project, KSRTC has also introduced a mobile application, conforming to standard practices that address commuter requirements related to bus services. Meanwhile, regular reports from the management information system provide analytical tools to operate the buses effectively. The result is: system-driven bus operations that are monitored and controlled through a central control station; and benefit commuters and KSRTC.

2. Intelligent Transport System

ORGANISATION: Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation

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Smart Transportation

The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is leaping towards modernisation of its services in an effort to address problems linked to demographic growth, urbanisation and increase in modal share.

Under these modernisation efforts, BMTC wants its services to compete with personal and private modes of transport by leveraging new media and digital technology, particularly Intelligent Transport System (ITS). The project has been initiated to improve efficiency; decrease operational costs; provide real-time information on revenue and bus operations; and monitor, track and manage service adherence. The project also provides integrated and secure ticketing options to commuters, besides managing and handling incidents or accidents in case of emergencies.

BMTC’s project covers 10,000 electronic ticketing machines, 6,400 vehicle tracking units and and 35 passenger information system units.

An integrated solution, with real-time data transfer of all transactions with the help of GPRS, ITS allows the passenger count in the bus to be estimated and issuance of real-time tickets to be monitored. This system helps in generation of reports for proper monitoring and managing resources.

 The project paves way for introduction of a smart card-based fare collection system and provides essential data feed for mobile application, planning and scheduling application.