Learning & Education, Winners 2016:

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RiSE App

ORGANISATION: RiSE App      URL: www.rise-institute.com/app       COUNTRY: India


EMAIL: salman@rise-institute.comsalman.shahid.123@gmail.com

Digitally equalising the educational opportunities across the country

RISE was started in Kashmir with an aim to equalise educational opportunities for students of the conflict-torn region. RISE works at the grassroots level with high school students, teachers, academicians, education institutes and policymakers from the region. Under the broader initiative, mechanisms have been devised and implemented to identify talented students in Kashmir, and institutionalise knowledge transfer between experts and talented students who have the desire to excel. This is achieved through organised courses that provide students with adequate guidance and educational tools necessary for the pursuit of their ambitions.

The project has two separate verticals. First, RiSE App enables users to improve the skills required to ace competitive exams like JEE (Mains/Advanced), BITSAT and JKCET, among others, by allowing them to take comprehensive sets of topic-wise papers of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology; and giving them an option to take the RiSE all-India test series. The test taking experience is seamless as it does not require internet connectivity. Second, RiSE Edu Tablet is a device that creates an interface for interaction between students and teachers, streamlines academic processes in a classroom, and creates an exhaustive database of information, that too in no time.

The app has primarily been conceptualised for Class IX to XII students residing in conflict zones of Kashmir and North East India but aspiring to pursue professional courses of national and international repute. Often, despite financial sustainability, these students lack adequate resources due to lack of access to quality education opportunities and lack of support from the government and private sector.

Designed and managed by an IIT Bombay alumnus, RISE has a very strong volunteer and professional network in IITs and NITs.

Special Mentions, 2016:

School Information Management System

ORGANISATION: APTOnline Limited     URL: www.cse.ap.gov.in

COUNTRY: India    LANGUAGE: English     EMAIL: satish.elaprolu@tcs.com

A Digital Repository of Schools

While Andhra Pradesh is making fast strides towards overall growth and sustainable development, it sees education as the most impactful means for attaining these goals.

The state is home to 60,462 schools across 14 districts where more than 67.52 lakh students are enrolled in primary, upper primary or high schools. As many as 44, 585 schools are run by the government and account for nearly 39.02 lakh students and 2.77 lakh teachers.

To make school going an enabling experience for students belonging to every nook and corner of Andhra Pradesh, the state government wants to ensure that schools are equipped with all the necessary and basic amenities. The government also runs various schemes to benefit students and teachers. However, there is always the possibility of a gap existing between a policy or a plan and its implementation. To bridge this gap, the School Information Management System (SIMS) project was launched to streamline the processes within state schools and create a repository of necessary information over a period. Under this project, student/teacher information is linked to Aadhaar and schools are mapped to their GPS location, leading to an authenticated and centralised repository of school-related data.

Information about all services such as Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), mid-day meals, biometric attendance, free text books and uniforms is regularly updated into the digital repository to ensure fair, transparent, time saving and cost effective transactions. Teachers’ performance, too, is monitored; and requirement for trainings are assessed accordingly. Further, various reports and dashboards are available to regularly monitor and control the progress of each area of work.

From promoting smart schools and encouraging scientific temperament towards organising various workshops to training for students and teachers, the School Education Department is nurturing a learning community dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens.