Environment & Green Energy, Winners 2016

climate | sustainable resources | agriculture

1. Tyrelessly

ORGANISATION: Tyrelessly    URL: https://tyrelessly.com/      COUNTRY: India

LANGUAGE: English     EMAIL: me@anubhavwadhwa.com

‘Tyrelessly’ working towards a sustainable future

For every 100 tyres consumed by fire, 21 litres of runoff oil pollutes the environment — unless contained and collected. Tyrelessly provides an environmentally compliant end-of-life tyre collection and disposal service, ensuring security, consciousness and peace of mind for those who feel responsible towards the environment. The goal of Tyrelessly is to inspire smarter choices for a sustainable future. At Tyrelessly, they are great believers of individual actions, such as increasing recycling efforts or learning about greener ways to dispose that, when added with efforts of others, can create a big impact for our planet.

India’s first ‘Tyres-to-Trees’ company, Tyrelessly invokes community participation by encouraging responsible motorists to donate their end-of-life tyres for responsible disposal, material recovery or energy recovery.

The website for Tyrelessly allows vehicle owners, via a few simple steps, to ensure their vehicle’s end-of-life tyres are disposed safely. By filling in a few necessary details and clicking on ‘Go Tyreless’, the visitor can initiate the process, following which a van is sent to collect the tyres and then for recycling. Once the tyre has been disposed in an environment friendly manner, the user is notified via an alert.

Tyrelessly believes that in order to be successful as a waste management system, they should have strong policies and regulations, supporting institutions, proper financial mechanisms, stakeholder participation and complementing technologies.

Founded by 16-year-old Anubhav Wadhwa, Tyrelessly has been working tirelessly to expand its reach to more and more cities, communities, brands and individuals to build a waste-free future together.

2. Green Hub

ORGANISATION: Green Hub    URL: http://www.northeastnetwork.org/530/

COUNTRY: India       LANGUAGE: English, Hindi and multiple languages in the field for documentation

EMAIL: ritabanerji@gmail.com

Leveraging the power of youth to conserve biodiversity through a digital platform

Green Hub is the first youth and community-based fellowship and video documentation centre in North East India that works in the areas of wildlife, environment, indigenous knowledge and social change.

The idea with which Green Hub has been established is to engage and empower the youth and community in the conservation of biodiversity in the region. The concept involves innovative use of digital platforms, open avenues for wider exposure, and integration with livelihood options, thus triggering ideas and actions from community members for a more socially equitable and ecologically sustainable future.

In North East India, where violence and political conflicts have overshadowed everything else for the past six decades, Green Hub seeks to provide opportunities for youth to move away from despair or violence and renew their love and respect for nature.

Every year, 20 youth from the region are selected for a one-year fellowship under which they are trained in video documentation by eminent resource persons from all over the country. The fellowship also includes an internship period with key organisations in the sector. Representing remote tribal areas, marginalised communities as well as urban spaces, these Green Hub fellows are envisioned to be the influencers of change who care to earn a livelihood by protecting their natural resources rather than destroying them.

Today, Green Hub is emerging as a unique space, bringing together youth from different states and communities, replacing conflict with convergence, transcending borders, reviving language and creating an identity.