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Manthan Award '07 > Award Winners
Manthan Award '07

List of The Manthan Award 2007 Winners


Community Broadcating



E-Enterprise & Livelihood




Special mention


Special mention



Special mention




  • Self-Employment through SMS Communities

    There are no winners for m-content this year. This is ironic that while mobile usage has increased manifold, there were not enough entries came to Manthan Award having mass impact or innovative application. There were just 7 nominations in m-Comtent category and the Grand Jury did not find any of them worthwhile to be considered for the award. But it's a developing sector nonetheless and we hope to be inundated with entries in the years to come.
RAJiv Internet Village e-Commerce for Poor People

Support and optimization of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce and m-commerce, business to business, business to consumers, internet security and other areas; supporting Small and Medium Enterprises on the marketplace
RAJiv Internet Village-e-Commerce
The innovative business solution is available across 200 villages in Visakhapattnam district benefiting 0.2 million people. The government plans to replicate the model in the next two years to 2000 villages, which would benefit close to two million people. ICT serves as a glue to bring community together and help them to leap frog further in trade and commerce. More...
Community Broadcasting
Our rule in our country (Abua Disum Abua Raj)
Let's go to village (Chalo Ho Gaon Mein)
Community Radio and Community Video

Community Broadcasting has been introduced as a new category from this year encouraged by last year’s entries which could be categorised as community broadcasting. The grand jury decided to introduce "Community Broadcasting” as a new category in addition to 14 existing categories. The category considers all efforts in the areas of broadcasting services for the benefit of the social sector, especially in the rural India.
Our rule in our country (Abua Disum Abua Raj)
The first ever community radio programme in the eastern region of India began six years ago when the local, underprivileged had the privilege to give their voice in the air. This was the community radio programme "Chala Ho Gaon Mein" that began its first broadcast in August 2001. Since then more than 500 episodes has been broadcast from FM channel of AIR Daltonganj every Sunday and Wednesday from 7.15 pm to 7.45 pm. The programme is an initiative to bring the poor closer to the corridors of power to address the problem of poverty, bad governance and lack of access to information. More...
Community Radio and Community Video
Drishtee partners with local NGOs to create community video units, which are teams of 7-10 local people, who learn the skills of producing a 30 minute video news magazine. These video news magazines are screened outdoors and discussed at night in 25 villages each month, reaching thereby up to 10,000 people per community video unit. The initiative has created a local media voice and a platform to identify their solutions. Plans are ready to replicate the model in Brazil. It has also created one of the most successful community radio programmes, Radio Ujaas with KMVS in Kutch. More...
In an effort to solve public grievances, the programme was started by district administration, Sagar (M.P.) in December 2004 in which the district collector and chosen heads of the department participated in live phone-in dialogue with people of the district. From then on the interaction happens on every Monday for one hour at All India Radio. More...
Virsa Digitization Nagas on the net

Preserving and presenting cultural heritage in line with the challenges of the future; demonstrating valuable cultural assets clearly and informatively using state-of-the-art technology and new media platforms
Virsa Digitization
After the completion of digitization project of Manuscripts section in Government Museum and Art gallery, Chandigarh, Nanakshahi finished a pilot project for the library of Kurukshetra University. There it digitized about 40,000 folios from 430 manuscripts, in five different scripts. Most important amongst them were 323 manuscripts of now extinct Sharda lipi. In the second half of the last year, the organization initiated a project to digitize the complete collection of 592 manuscripts of the Language Department of Pañjab, Patiala. More... Nagas on the net
The website records more than three million page views a month. It has over 5,600 registered members and has informal alliance with Naga organizations all over the world carrying their news and thereby connecting with the Nagas on a single platform. The website has tied-up with The Morung Express, Nagaland's premier Newspaper, to provide up-to-date news and pictures from Nagaland. More...
HIV/AIDS Awareness Package-HAAP
Kerala Education Grid
College to Career Program

Empowering the education paraphernalia with new technology tools; transforming schools, universities and other educational institutions through interactive, personalised and distributed educational resources; providing infrastructure for the rural based educational institutions, especially schools
HIV/AIDS Awareness Package-HAAP

Children from five states of India (Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh) participated in the development of HAAP. They came from diverse backgrounds, and included school going and non-school going as well as, urban and rural children, orphans, children of commercial sex workers, children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. All these children were actively involved in the development of HAAP through a series of residential workshops. More...

Kerala Education Grid
ICT has immense potential in delivery of quality education. Through viable broadband and educational satellite services network, Kerala Grid would link the member colleges and institutions in association with ERNET, EDUSAT and State Wide Area Network. It would establish key resource centres in premier institutions of Kerala, and develop and deploy in all participating colleges web enabled rich courseware and course content in different subjects. In addition, it would conduct teacher training programmes, workshops and conferences that help promote the quality of higher education and education enabled services in different courses, digital library and related areas across the colleges. More...
College to Career Program
ICT has immense possibilities in raising employable skills of youth without any trouble of shifting to big cities and bearing expenses disproportionate to their incomes. Apart from the flexibility, it assures quality of the content delivered at students' door step. More...
e-Enterprise & Livelihood
e-Sagu: An IT-based Personalized Agro-advisory System
DesiCrew Solutions

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are the basis of livelihood for the Indian landscape. Introduction and integration of Information Communication Technology have created new opportunities and added efficiency in livelihood creation. The biggest challenge however is to stress on deliverables, content, and services for the masses. Small innovations and proactiveness can make the ICT used as media rather than just technology and errich the globalization with local knowledge and wisdom
e-Sagu: IT-based Agro-advisory System
Imaginative use of ICT is endless to catalyze rural India and those dependent on agriculture. The digital flow of information helps a farmer take critical decisions faster drawing from the expertise the country has invested enormously in agricultural colleges and research institutes. The eSagu system enables farmers, even those who are marginal and poor, to cultivate with the knowledge on par with that of an agricultural expert. It demonstrates that even the illiterate farmer could be helped to raise his income and standard of living through delivery of appropriate information at the right time. The system also aids in successful implementation of crop insurance scheme by making farm as a unit of insurance. More...
DesiCrew Solutions
DesiCrew employs unemployed rural youth and trains them extensively raising their quality of service and productivity. Its delivery centers offer variety of services in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Gujarati languages in areas such as data entry involving digitization of manuscripts, form from insurance companies, telecom providers and directories. It also offers services such as maintaining and updating the sales lead database, data conversion, proof reading, type setting, data translation and data transcription. More...
The Great Escape
Arbit Choudhury - First B School Comic Character

Supplying digitized entertainment products and services; entertaining the user in this world’s variety of languages and its cultural diversity; supporting movement from one-way to two-way, from single to multiple players, interactive entertainment and the synergy between analog and digital platforms
The Great Escape
The threat of HIV/AIDS is looming large with India having 540 million Indians between 18 and 34 years making up almost 55 percent of the population. In a bid to caution this large workforce, the apt vehicle to disseminate preventive information against HIV/AIDS is gaming, as the medium is familiar with the young corporate employees. After all, learning is best internalized when it is presented in a format that is engaging and connects with both the mind and the heart. More...
Arbit Choudhury - 1st B-school Comic Character
The saga of Arbit Choudhury demonstrates that ICT could be used as an effective marketing tool with a dose of imagination veering towards entertainment. Intervention messages could adopt Arbit's strategy of micro-distribution over a large geographical area to reach the target audience. Comic character and ICT offer immense possibilities for communicating serious thoughts quickly and to a large audience and in an interactive mode. Consequently, the engagement could help in swaying perceptions or peeling off myths and misconceptions relating to health, environment and social issues. It could open new doors for others. More...
A Degree of Concern
SAHYADRI: Western Ghats Biodiversity

The spread of all the concerns is of high importance as far as environment is concerned. Especially with emerging globalisation, environment is being affected badly and it requires all kind of technology and medium to spread the right message and messages about devastation it can create. ICT plays a huge role in responsible dissemination of information about environment; content matters
A Degree of Concern
Innovation and ingenuity could come into play amidst the toughest battle. The creation of artificial glaciers shows that human mind could explore unique solution when pushed to the wall — a solution which is also environment friendly. It demonstrates that the alarming effects of climatic change motivated an individual to find a solution taking a leaf not from technology, but from the benign nature and serving the needs of a large community. More...
SAHYADRI: Western Ghats Biodiversity
Over the past five decades in India, the cognitive and cultural separation of ecology and environment from the human enterprise has resulted in large scale degradation and depletion of natural resources. There is an urgent need for a guiding ideology to learn and teach sustainability is an ideological orientation that emphasizes conserving cultural values, beliefs, and practices, which supplement sustainable relationship with the environment. More...
Instant Money Order
National Portal of India
Website for Mumbai Police
National Employment Service Portal
APREGS [Andhra Pradesh Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme]

Empowering citizens and serving public services clients; fostering quality and efficiency of information exchange and communication services in governmental and public administrative processes; strengthening participation of citizens in information society decision making
Instant Money Order
Making money orders history and bringing in Instant Money Orders would bring a lot of smiles from common people who are dependent on this medium for their livelihood, trade and commerce. Instant Money Orders display ICT's capability in helping common people to utilize their money more productively. More...
National Portal of India :
India, the largest democracy in the world, is emerging as an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Superpower rapidly. The facet of e-governance has also taken roots as Indian Government has been laying a lot of emphasis on good governance through ICT. More...
Website of Mumbai Police
This citizen centric website is a welcome step in dispelling the negative perception of police. It gives the citizens chance to interact with police efficiently and effectively. The public has become more assertive and the police more accountable. Fear of lodging a complaint against the police has gone down considerably. The initiative demonstrates the power and flexibility of ICT in bringing transparency in governance and adapting to the needs of any government department. Above all, ICT demonstrates that it can empower common folks. More...
National Employment Service Portal
Geographical barriers caused by natural phenomenon could be overcome by judicious and intelligent use of ICT. Those seeking employment are usually short of funds and asking them to travel frequently when transport modes are not sufficient is a torture and mental agony. The initiative of digitization of employment exchange has potential for replication in other states. Employment seekers could then earn livelihood and seek better opportunities of job from their doorstep. More...
AP Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
In earlier programmes it has been observed that all the citizens in need of work were not given work due to lack of works ready for execution. Even those who worked got wages far less than their outcome and in some cases their names were written but never paid. To ensure transparency in the administrative mechanism, ICT was deployed extensively. More...

Winners- - Finest Health Portal - The Wellness Site
From Dusk to Dawn
Let's know more about HIV

Developing the consumer-centered model of healthcare where stakeholders collaborate, utilizing Information Communication Technology, including internet technologies to manage health issues as well as the healthcare system

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